When you have a website for your company, you need to regularly upload blogs to keep your audience engaged and bring more traffic.

However, coming up with new ideas so frequently can be a challenge. You may feel that you have already written on each topic that aligns with your business/website/brand.

In this article, you will find multiple categories and types of blog ideas for business that can give you a head-start from your online competition.

Top Industry-Based Blog Ideas for Your Business

Following are some of the topics that you can write about related to your business line:

Finance Industry Blog Ideas

Most people want to learn about finance things like best loan offers, formalities and rules related to credit, or where and how they can save and invest their money. So, if your business is within the finance industry, here are some topic ideas that might interest you:

Finance blog ideas

1. Banking Blog Topics

If you are marketing for a bank or an NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company), blogging on your banking specific topics will not only help you share information on the kind of services you offer, but also add value to your potential and existing customers.

Topic ideas on banking related blogs may include:

i. Types of loans and credit

ii. How to choose the right financial institute to seek a loan

iii. List of financial institutes for loans

iv. Blogs on credit score (what’s considered good, how to improve it)

v. Online and offline banking and their benefits

vi. Secured and unsecured loans

vii. Benefits of different types of credit cards

viii. How to choose a credit card and maximise rewards

2. Budgeting and Saving Blog Ideas

Under this topic, you can get lots of blog ideas for business ranging from beginner’s guides to saving and its importance. Also, writing content on personal finance tips, how to reach your financial goals and how individuals can improve their finances.

Some of the topic ideas may include:

i. Beginners Guide on Budgeting

ii. Importance of budgeting while planning an event (weddings, travel, parties, etc.)

iii. Tips to save money under low income

iv. Budgeting mistakes to avoid

v. Setting and reaching financial goals (niche topics)

vi. Building emergency funds

3. Investing Ideas Blog Topics

Through this theme, your content writing team can create unique and new content on investing tips for your target audience. They can write about where and how to invest so that your audience can have knowledge of investing. 

It will boost your website ranking as most people nowadays look for informative blogs on investing. You can ask the writers to create a blog on investing in cryptocurrency and other financial instruments.

Here are some of the blog topic ideas that can improve your website’s traffic:

i. Best online platforms/tools for investment

ii. Types of invetsment

iii. Guide on gold invetsments

iii. Guide on cryptocurrency investment

iv. X best stocks for beginners

v. Differences between different types of investment (eg.: mutual fund investment vs. stock investment)

vi. Guide on real estate investments

Fashion and Lifestyle Industry Blog Ideas

Beauty and fashion trends change frequently nowadays. According to a study by Zippia, 66% of consumers get to know about brands and their products through blogs, social media posts and endorsements. 

So if you own a business in the fashion and beauty industry, you will require uploading fresh content regularly on your website to keep up with the trend. Following are some blog ideas for businesses in the fashion and beauty industry:

Fashion and beauty topics to write

Here are some blog titles/topics that you can discuss various on various fashion trends:

i. Fashion trends for men/women in “x-year”

ii. Creating new styles for various occasions

iii. Top trends from the fashion week

iv. Vintage style that are back

v. Sustainable fashion trend and its future

vi. Colour block trends to give you a unique look

Now, if you are running a fashion website, make sure it’s full of current trends and new looks. Also you cannot ever go back-dated, unless it is the new look. So, for any kind of assistance for fashion blog writing or need more tips on how to write fashion content, get in touch with our team right away!

2. Guides and How-to Blogs

This is one of the best blog ideas for businesses related to the fashion and lifestyle industry. People appreciate content that can help them in making their decision process easier. 

Under this topic, you need a professional writer who can craft content which guides individuals on which types of clothes they should buy. For instance, you can include content such as:

i. 10 ways to wear a scarf

ii. Tips to dress up for a party in 10 mins

iii. How to choose the right accessory with your outfit

iv. Tips to find the right pair of trousers for you

v. How create your own signature wardrobe

vi. X wedding Fashion tips for men

vii. How to look professional yet fun for your office

viii. How to pull off a great gym look

3. Blogs on Fashion Events

Nowadays, people like to follow and dress up like celebrities. So, including blogs on fashion events can majorly boost your traffic. These traffic may be flying, i.e. there will be more search volume around the particular event instead of the whole year.

However, including such topics in your blog section will keep you highly relevant in your industry and pave the way towards higher authority.

Check out some of the unique fashion and lifestyle blog ideas covering major events:

i. Looks from the latest Met Gala event

ii. Lakme Fashion Week

iii. Best looks from India Bridal Fashion Week

iv. Best celebrity looks from different award functions

v. Celebrity fashion for Oscars “x-year”

vi. The Top Trends from Paris Couture Week

vii. Top Indian designers, “x-year”

Travel Industry Blog Ideas

Travelling is one of the most significant genres for content creation. Hence, if you are seeking new blog ideas for business for your travel company, you can ask your content writers to create blogs on these topics:

Travel blog ideas

1. Bookings and Travel Information

Most travelers tend to check or purchase transportation tickets online or book hotels before reaching the destination. So, here are some useful blog content that can help your readers and may convert your leads:

i. Best Platforms to buy train/flight tickets

ii. Platforms offering major discounts

iii. List of resorts and hotels in X

iv. Comparing locations (by cost, climate, locations, etc.)

v. Best way to reach “x location”

vi. Cheapest way to reach “x location”

vii. Best places to visit near x.

2. Packing, Travel Guides and Tour Plan

How and what people should pack for their trip are some of the most searched and common topics that travellers search. Here are some niche blog ideas that you can cover:

i. What to pack for a 2-day beach trip

ii. Things to pack for a mountain trek

iii. Essentials to carry for camping

iv. How to pack for trip in x easy steps

v. Things to bring for your friends/family from a trip

vi. Best places to visit in “x” (x= seasons, geography, festivities, etc.)

vii. Do’s and don’ts while travelling in “x” (x = transportation type, location, with kids, etc.)

viii. Best places to visit with friends/family

3. Niche Blog Ideas

 i. Best places to visit alone

ii. Best places to go for your honeymoon

iii. Pet-friendly places to stay

iv. Hostel stays for solo backpackers

v. Places that travel vloggers must visit

vi. Accessible tourism for travelling with disabilities

vii. Best places to visit for amazing photography

viii. Best places to visit for history and architecture lovers

Business Blog Ideas

If you want to educate your audience about business strategies and techniques through blogs, here are a few topic ideas that might be useful for your audience.


Blog ideas related to business

1. Startup

Writing a blog on startups or entrepreneurship will help individuals to understand how this segment works. You can even include how to raise seed funding as a startup and the importance of it under this topic. Consider crafting informational and guide content on topics, such as:

i. How to start your own startup in x easy steps

ii. How to create a solid business plan for your startup

iii. How to start a business from home

iv. Legal processes associated with starting a new business

v. Interview with an expert

vi. case studies

vii. Best start up plans in “x-year”

Furthermore, you can even write motivational blogs on entrepreneurship, as it will engage young readers. You can even give them financial tips related to startups through your blogs.

Of course, you can also outsource it to a professional from us for a more personalised content that aligns with your brand. They can craft well-optimised business blogs for your website which will increase its visibility.

2. Freelancing

Want to teach your audience about freelancing through content creation?

We can create perfectly optimised blogs for your audience that will educate them on everything about freelancing. 

Furthermore, we will incorporate new blog ideas for freelancing such as:

i. How you should approach a client

ii. Things to ask when taking up a new projects

iii. How much should you charge for a project as per industry standards

iv. How to close the final deal

v. Client meeting etiquettes

3. Outsourcing and Hiring 

As people often need clarification about hiring or outsourcing work, you can ask a professional writer to write a blog on this topic. If the writer crafts well-optimised content, it has a higher chance of reaching the target audience and boosting our online presence.

Here are some great topic ideas that will cover outsourcing and hiring under business blogs:

i. Benefits and Best Practices of Outsourcing for Your business

ii. A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Hire Top Talent

iii. Which one is Best for Your Business between Outsourcing vs. In-House

iv. What are the Current Outsourcing Trends in [Your Industry]

v. Recruitment Strategy for Small Businesses

vi. The Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancers vs. Full-time Employees

vii. Outsourcing IT Services: Boosting Efficiency and Reducing Costs

viii. Diversity and Inclusion that You Must Include in Hiring

ix. How to Leverage Freelancers for Business Growth in The Gig Economy

Marketing Blog Ideas

Though marketing is part of a business, they are different when it comes to blogs. Besides trying to generate leads, you must also inform your readers about your industry trends, strategies, benefits and more. Some of the topics for business marketing are as follows:

 Topics on industry of marketing

1. Social Media Marketing

This is the era of social media that no marketing team wants to omit from their marketing plan. So try to craft blog topics on several aspects of social media such as:

i. How to Leverage (Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/other social media platforms) Marketing for Businesses

ii. Tracking ROI and Performance Using Social Media Analytics

iii. Building a Strong Social Media Brand Presence

iv. How to Do Social Media Advertising on a Budget

v. Measuring Social Media Marketing Success with Key Metrics

vi. Importance of Influencer Marketing on Social Platforms

vii. Social Media Trends to Watch in (x-year)

viii. How to Create Shareable Content for Social Media

You can also create content on how to use various social media platforms and improve engagements and improve branding.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is crucial for your brand’s online reputation and authority. According to Hubspot’s study, 29% of people upload blogs to attract new audiences to their websites.  

So, lets check out these useful topics to include in your website:

i. Tips to Craft Engaging Content
ii. Best Blogging Strategies for SEO Advantage
iii. How to Engage Your Audience with Visual Content
iv. How to Create Evergreen Content for Building Authority
v. Strategies for Guest Posting and Securing High-Quality Backlinks
vi. Best Practices of Content Repurposing
vii. What is Content Distribution and Best Practices
viii. Taking Advantage of User-Generated Content to Boost Engagement
ix. Content Marketing Trends to Know in (x Year)
x. Using the Right Calls to Action Tone and How

You can ask a content writer to create content on improving the online presence, factors to keep in mind during content creation, content marketing strategies, etc.

For more ideas on content marketing blog, feel free to refer to our blog section!

3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is another crucial thing that helps your website to improve its ranking in the search results. If the contents are not optimised properly, they have less chance of obtaining a higher rank.

You can create a blog on content optimisation and teach your readers the latest Google algorithms to achieve a higher rank on SERP. Furthermore, you also create informational topics like:

i. Best On-Page SEO Practices to Improve Rankings

ii. Best Off-Page SEO Techniques to Boost Website’s Authority

iii. How to Optimise Your Content for SEO

iv. Importance of Local SEO to Attract Nearby Customers

v. SEO Trends to Watch in (x-year)

vi. Best Backlink Strategies and Importance of High-Quality Backlinks in SEO

vii. What is Technical SEO and its Best Practices

viii. Importance of Blogs for SEO

ix. Latest Google Algorithm Updates to Stay on Top of the Game

Food Industry Blog Ideas

The food industry worldwide is one of the most profitable business and always in demand. So, there’s no doubt that it faces continuous growing competition. So, to maintain your competitive edge, you need blogs that discusses trends in your industry. Check out these smart food industry blog topic ideas for your website’s resource section:

1. Topics on Cooking and Food Preparation

Simple yet effective, under this section, you can include recipes of countless and varied range of food preparation across multiple cuisines.

i. Best Homemade Preparation of (specific food/cuisine) that You Must Try

ii. Going vegan: Best Vegan Recipes

iii. How to Bake an Eggless Cake in 5 Easy Steps

iv. Common Baking Mistakes that You Must Avoid

v. Best X Ways to Season Food

vi. Preparing (X-food) Without Using Oil

vii. How to Prepare Mouth-watering Dessert Under 10 Minutes

viii. How to Prepare Salad Dressing at Home

2. Niche Food Blog Ideas

Here are some of the popular, traffic-catching niche food blog ideas for you:

i. List of Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food to Make at Home

ii. Recipes and Tips for Gluten-Free food

iii. Best Instant Pot Recipes to Try at Home

iv. Baking for Beginners: X Easy Steps

v. Best Eco-Friendly Recipes and Tips for Sustainable Eating

vi. How to make Family-Friendly Recipes with Your Kids

vii. Best Nutritious Meals for Active Lifestyles

viii. Best Food/Cuisines to Try while visiting (X Location)

Technology Industry Blog Ideas

Writing a blog on technology can be competitive, but if you cover the write on right topics you can establish your online presence visibly. So, as the owner of a tech-based company, you can ask your content writing company to provide you with blog ideas for business on the following topics:

Topics on technology industry

Whether you work for an IT company or run a tech-based website, you must be keeping up with your industry’s current trends. Sharing these trends and how they impact your business/industry can be a great way to educate and engage your readers.

Let’s see how you can frame these blog titles on current tech trends:

i. Top X Latest Technology Trends in (X Year)

ii. What is Generative AI and How Does it Work?

iii. How is 5G Changing The World: latest trends and impacts

iv. Impact of the Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

v. What is Metaverse and How Will it Affect Us?

vi. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

vii. Responsible AI: How to Use Ai Ethically Impact of AI on Job and Employment in Coming Years

2. How-to-Blogs

How-to blog posts, or guides are the best way to use your creative space. Not all your readers will be tech-savvy. So, through these posts, you can show them how to use a new software/tool, how to implement technologies individually or within an organisation.

Here are some tech-based “how-to’ post blog topics to write about:

i. How to use ChatGPT to Generate Content/Code/Emails?

ii. How to use (X-Software) to Create Realistic Images for Your Website?

iii. How to use GitHub Copilot to write code faster and more accurately

iv. How to Use Canva to Create Graphics, Presentations, and Social Media Posts?

v. How to Use (X-CRM) Software to Manage your Customer Relationships?

vi. How to Protect Yourself from Cyberattacks

vii. How to Use Cloud Computing?

The best way to craft any how-to blog post is to do it with relevant images of the steps/strategies.

Final Takeaway

Hence, these new blog ideas for business will help your audience to gain knowledge and build a trustworthy relationship with you. If you do not upload regular blogs on your website, it might lead to less traffic attraction. 

Therefore, we can provide you finest quality content with unique blog ideas that will boost your website ranking and help you reach new audiences. You can check our portfolio, packages and content services we offer our clients. Feel free to contact us for any content creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the topics mentioned above, you can also write blogs on the following topics: food, fitness and health, lifestyle, photography, do-it-yourself craft, personal blogs, etc. 

2. How can a content writing agency help you get new blog ideas for business?

A proficient content writing agency has a team of professional writers who are experts in research for any client. They can derive new ideas for your blogs as they understand the target audience and can frame content accordingly. Furthermore, they even analyse your competition to understand their target audience.

3. How frequently do I need to post content on my website?

You must try to post four times a week to boost your engagement and build credibility among your target audience.