Our first global beckoning… International SME Convention 2019 – here we come!

Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd.‘s maiden international call came with being handpicked and listed among the 1000 best SMEs in India. Considering that 39,000 application forms had been submitted across India, this is a definite achievement – one that is sure to provide much-needed additional international exposure.

As India grows as a budding SME and MSME hub, a considerable share of the country’s GDP is owing to the growth of the same. Taking this into consideration, the Government started this convention in 2018. The aim was to ensure that international SMEs and a few selected SMEs of this nation get to interact on business terms and enhance the potential future of the same. Thus, the International SME convention is the best platform to focus on diverse SME endeavours at present.

One such sector in SMEs is content writing – this specific industry is on a growth spurt in India. Nevertheless, prospering in the same is challenging, considering that one needs to take into account the quality of content, SEO expertise and techniques, and multiple other such factors.

However, Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading content writing companies, managed to surpass this barrier and reach out to establish their international market. While this company already has an existing global clientele base, this Convention will offer them the unique platform to establish business relations with globally acclaimed SMEs.

So, here is all about the upcoming International SME Convention 2019. Read on to know why Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. believes that this is the first of the many milestones to achieve – 

International SME Convention 2019

While India boasts of hosting the World’s largest market consisting of 350 million urban consumers, its 2 million SMEs with steady progress are advancing with an annual growth rate of approximately 20%. Considering such advances, it is imperative that India looks into its future GDP prospects. Following this, the Government’s decision to arrange for such conventions seems justified.

The world’s SMEs

wait in tense anticipation as the best of global SMEs take a shot at interacting with the best of the domestic ones. The hope is that with such an innovative business strategy, national and international SMEs will get inspired and draw motivation to progress towards creative business ventures.

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s convention –

1. Venue, date and time

This year’s international SME conference will be held in New Delhi, in Eros Hotel, Nehru Palace from 27th June to 29th June 2019. The invitees have been requested to register and give their attendance for the MSME Day Function by 6:00 p.m. on 27th June 2019.

2. Organisers

Similar to its debut year, the Ministry of MSME is organising this year’s convention. However, taking into consideration the promising aspect that it presents, multiple co-sponsors have merged this year. Thus, this year’s convention is being organised in collaboration with South Korea and Italy as partner countries, ILO, UNIDO and UNDP as International partners, and the Indian SME Forum.

3. Invitees

Apart from the 1000 handpicked SMEs from India who are showing immense potential, the convention will also witness the trade congregation of selected 7000 business owners from NCR and 350+ International entrepreneurs from 95 countries.

4. Events to be included

The Convention will be conducted over a stretched-out period of 2 days during which the organisers have chalked out a careful agenda-list. These include –

  • welcome remarks
  • India SME 100 Awards
  • success narratives by entrepreneurs
  • approach paper
  • felicitation
  • panel discussion
  • reception for awardees
  • the vision of the Government

With such a detailed agenda, the convention offers SMEs to present and propel their business ventures. So, there you go, now you know why we, at Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. are on cloud 9 – our first global acknowledgement and simultaneously an opportunity for further exposure at a global SME platform – could we have asked for more?

So, why was our content writing agency among the list of the 1000 SMEs and what possible vistas could this present us with? Here is what we think about this –

Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. and International SME convention

Since its inception, Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. has been striving with its core principles which included being reluctant to compromise with the quality of content delivered irrespective of the circumstances. Following this, this creative content writing company earned its extensive national and international clientele base.

Subsequently, the steady progress across the timeline of the agency along with its relentless endeavour to bring in a new angle to the content world made it stand apart from the crowd. Hence, the speck of success that Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. is collecting via the international SME conference came at the cost of its toiling deeds to seek perfection.

This company’s unique brand voice, unmatched quality of content delivered, transparent services, and delivery within a pre-set time limit – all contribute to this new feather in its cap. Additionally, this march also saw the introduction of a new vista in content writing – voice search-optimized content that would cater to the growing demands and popularity of the voice search era.

Such innovative angles despite constraints of SEO; an amalgamation of creativity in spite of maintaining the strains of professionalism – is an industry first and hence highly revered.

Das Writing Service Pvt. Ltd. just started its winning spree and has many more miles to go. However, such encouragement and acknowledgement of the toil make the imminent journey one look up to. Here is to our success and your constant support! Cheers, and thank you for your faith in the company’s voice!

The wings of success are budding, dreams still cloud our eyes, and the way is long, but the destination will be worth it!