Is guest blogging a good idea for promoting content?

Guest blogging campaign as a tool for advertising is still somewhat unexplored among bloggers. However, if you ask an experienced blogger, you will know that guest blogging can be quite handy when it comes to boosting your endeavours.

According to Mitch Monsen, a Machine Learning Engineer guest blogging can be considered as the start of a mutually beneficial relationship. It means that adding an excellent blog from a guest to a website can benefit both the site and the blog’s author.

Well, not everyone manages to use guest blogging as a proper tool for marketing!

Therefore, here, we will discuss at length what guest blogging entails, its pros and some mistakes that bloggers make which can get their blogs rejected. So without further ado, let’s begin!

What does a guest blogging campaign entail?

Guest blogging is the practice through which you can contribute content to another person’s blog for exposure, building authority, backlinks and a host of other advantages.

Now, as we all know, backlinks are one of the primary ranking factors for Google. So guest blogging can help a website to secure a backlink from another site and utilise it to improve their ranking on Google.

Also, data collected from Social Marketing Writing shows that about 63% of people find blogs with multiple authors to be more credible!

Therefore a guest blogging campaign can be beneficial when it comes to getting your blog content SEO optimised.

Nowadays, many websites are on a constant lookout for quality guest posts that can help elevate their websites. Plus, guest blogging can also help you, as a blogger, to

  • Attract more traffic to your website
  • Increase the credibility of your brand to boost brand awareness
  • Connect with other bloggers within your industry
  • Use external links to boost your domain authority

So a guest blogging campaign is perhaps the best way through which both the blogger and the website can benefit mutually.

However, before starting, there are a few nitty-gritty of the process that you should bear in mind. For instance, asking questions like “What do I want to achieve from this campaign?” will undoubtedly help you gain clarity about the goals that you want to set.

Following are a few pointers that can help set you on the path of curating a successful blogging campaign.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How to shape your guest posting campaign?

guest blogging campaign

Now that you know the benefits of a successful guest posting campaign in helping you gain visibility, it is time for you to strategise how to achieve maximum leverage with your campaign.

Below is a checklist to devise a plan on how to create a great guest blogging campaign.

#1. Set a target blog list

One of the secrets of designing any good marketing plan is to spend maximum time preparing for it. That is why you need to pay attention to developing and setting goals for your campaign.

Now, one of the very first steps that I have found to be extremely helpful in developing a campaign strategy is – to have a list of target blogs.

Creating a list for your target blogs is pretty simple! You need to check through these points in the list below and voila! You will have your target blogs!

  • Identify blog niche

Identifying a blog’s niche is pretty simple. Just read through some types of the most popular articles from the blog. You can also use online tools to identify keywords that are gaining maximum visibility from that blog and know what the audience likes about it.

  • Do not be a loner! Build relations.

There is an excellent quote from Game of Thrones that can be used ideally to fit this analogy- “A lone wolf dies, but a pack survives”. Therefore, it is best to build relations with other bloggers if you want to “survive” your time as a blogger. Note down all your interactions with other bloggers and keep track of the purpose of your interactions.

  • Domain authority- keep track of it!

Keeping track of domain authority can help you ensure maximum output for your guest blogging campaign. Particularly, if your reason for guest porting is increasing your visibility and creating backlinks, choosing blogs with high domain authority will serve your purpose the best. Again, if you want to reach a wider audience with your blog, you can target a blog with a large community, which generates maximum comments and interactions.

  • Do not compromise on your quality.

There should be a particular quality that you should maintain with every guest post. Now, what is that? Let’s say, for instance, you own a blog. So you can either allow your guest poster to post only well-researched articles about their personal experiences or accept posts like web reviews, web apps, list posts etc. However, whatever post you allow, set a difficulty level for the posts you will accept to maintain their quality.

#2. Time to make another list – record your guest post article titles

When you are creating a guest blogging campaign, you must first sit and create a list of titles for your guest post. It is an essential task because you need to stick to your target niche and not post random articles that don’t contribute to anything productive.

For example, if your niche is content writing, the following titles can help to contribute to your blog:

  • 10 Content Writing Ideas To Generate More Traffic
  • 30 Examples Of Content Writing With Tips And Resources
  • Content Writing Tips For Novices And Pros
  • Exclusive Tips To Aid Content Writers In 2019
  • Content Writing Services– Things to look for

While these topics are related to each other, they are also quite different. It is how you can choose your blog titles depending on your target niche.

 #3. Create a landing page or a pillar blog post

Is getting backlinks the sole purpose of your guest blogging campaign?

If not, and you want to generate long-term traffic to get the maximum return on investment, then you must try to get subscribers instead of just one-time traffic. Thus, creating an excellent pillar blog post or a landing page is essential at the onset of your campaign. After all, why will people link to your blog unless they find something of substance upon visiting it?

So creating a compelling pillar post is crucial to kick-start your campaign.

After following the steps above, you will find that your guest blogging campaign is steadily taking shape.

Now that your campaign is ready to take off, it is time to start working on the first guest post.

Pointers on your first guest post campaign

Now, according to experts in guest blogging, following the plans below can help you create a great first post.

i. A little self-promotion never hurts anyone

Now, there is an intense promotion, and there is a soft promotion. To make the most of your guest blogging campaign, you must include some soft promotion in it. If the opportunity for self-promoting arises, make sure to grab it.

However, make sure your blog does not become overly promotional. If you do so, the chances are that you will face backlash.

The common idea goes that you should always link to blog posts to get backlinks. But did you know that you can use backlinks to boost your guest post ranking as well? You need to generate as much traffic as you can to drive your blog, and backlinks are the best way to do it.

backlinks in guest blogging campaign

After following these things, you can successfully get to guest posting.

However, what should be your next step?

Now you try and give maximum leverage to your guest post to boost your campaign.

Here’s how you can do it.

iii. Share your guest post article everywhere

Your work is not done after writing a great article as a guest author. It is now time to share it everywhere. Make sure to share it on every social media page you are active in. Also, make sure that you add a personal comment when you are sharing the blog with your direct audience.

iv. Make sure you reply to the comments on your guest post

Responding to each comment is crucial because it increases the scope of interaction between you and your audience. Adding a comment reply to each of your blog’s commentators adds a personal touch and can make the commentator feel appreciated. It will also help to bring more engagement to your blog post.

Don’t just add backlinks, also link your post to your blog. This guest blogging campaign strategy helps to increase the value of your work, and your direct audience will be happy to find your presence in other places.

So with these things in your mind, you can proceed to begin your campaign with ease.

Happy blogging!