Are you making recurring expenditures every month to boost your business website’s conversion rate and still not getting enough leads? Perhaps the time has come to twist your thinking!

If nothing is coming to your mind, content research and development can be your life-saviour!

Employing research and development helps not only with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) but also improves the overall performance of your website. In this regard, you can take help of a professional content research and development company.

Most big brands worldwide are now seeking help of leading R&D agents to keep them ahead of their competitors. For instance, Amazon’s annual investment on research and development registered $12.051 billion, a whopping 23.74% increase from the previous year, a report claims. 

While such a substantial amount is out of reach for most companies, the point isn’t to invest billions on the prospect. Instead, the goal is to place enough importance on development and content research

Spend wisely and more importantly choose the right company to make your investment worthwhile. 

But, first, let’s understand the basics of R&D and what its hype is all about!

What is R&D in content marketing? 

Research and development is a dedicated department of an enterprise or business that brings innovation by studying and analysing the metrics of the concerned company. The survival and health of a business depends on regular upgrades of services and offerings. 

Still, it is true that content research and development does not generate immediate profit. Most companies, large and small, allot substantial capital to improve their long term profitability. 

If you are an entrepreneur and have just started your business, initiating a new department for content research is not feasible. Instead, you can consider outsourcing R&D efforts from any trusted content research and development company like Das Writing Services.

Since this agency has hands-on experience in envisioning content for various fields, they can guide you to build exclusive content research and development strategy that will deliver desired results.  

Who spends the most on R&D?

Following are some of the leading names in the industry who are the highest R&D spenders, according to a 2018 report

R&D Spenders

While the report is made based on 2018 report, in 2019, Amazon spent the highest on their R&D, amounting to around $28.8 billion. (Source:

The amount of capital these companies pump into R&D is truly spectacular!

However, you also need to remember that infusing capital is the first step of implementing R&D strategy. It comprises a total of three steps, as Forbes mentioned in one of its blogs. 

They may not immediately reflect any profit on the book. But they have the potential to double the revenues or Return on Investments (ROI) exponentially. 

You can follow a simple three-step method to determine the effectiveness of this marketing tool. 

  1. Frame a result-oriented strategy.
  2. Make a team execute the strategy/seek help from professionals.
  3. Create a test environment to see the outcome. 

Now, as a farsighted entrepreneur, you should explore its potential to improve the conversion rate of your business website. 

But first, you must have a concrete idea about what conversion rate entails and its significance. 

What is the conversion rate in digital marketing?

This term refers to the percentage of traffic that covert to consumers out of total traffic to your website. It is the rate that determines the popularity and credibility of a site.

Although conversion rates vary with different industries, it indicates a common thing- How well the page layout and presentation are.  Following is the chart that shows the average conversion rate in Google Ads.               

Google AD Industry

You can see from the analysis mentioned above that the average rate of conversion is 4.40% across all industries. 

However, you must not content with the average when you can go much higher than this. You can literally go over 10% to 12% with the right strategy. 

How to increase conversion by 11%?

If the current conversion rate of your website is around 5% or lower, then arriving at 11% and so should be your goal. (Why 11%? Refer to the title! Of course, you can aim for higher!) 

Now, achieving your goal is possible, thanks to a content research and development company!

All you have to do is follow some simple tips, tried-and-tested until you get your desired result. 

Demonstrate your service or products on the home page, clearly in simple rhetoric

Traffic will come to your landing pages or home page look for the exact details they are looking for. Here you cannot go wrong! Precisely you have 8 seconds to engage your visitors!

Tell about your services and benefits straight away in the simplest way possible. Details and rhetoric can wait!

In this regard, you can refer to the following instance. 

UBER Update

Several app-cab sites operate in the market. What helps them attract traffic is a simple description of what they actually have to offer. 

From this landing page alone, you know exactly what to expect from them. 

Place call-to-action tone strategically                                      

Integrating compelling call to action is another trick that works to boost the conversion rate of your website. 

Even if it seems easy, it isn’t. Several websites already have done A/B testing to choose the most befitting CTA.  You can consider the following instance for better understanding. 


The above example highlights the landing page of CrazyEgg that first gives statistics of their acceptability and then places simple CTA in customer’s own voice (Show me my Heatmap).

They have kept it simple yet compelling enough to grab the attention of visitors at once. 

In another instance, Mozilla also reported increasing downloads by simply changing the text from “Try Firefox 3” to “Download Now-Free”. While in the first case, the conversion rate was 9.73%, the latter was 10.07% in two weeks. 

If you have just started and are aiming to increase your reach, you can include the following hacks to make your website more convincing. 

  • Include a short video of how your team works and some behind the scenes moments. Make sure that these are light-hearted but also educate your clients about the work you do. 
  • Place the customer testimonials as a banner above the CTA button.
  • Mention your value proposition on the right side. Also mention the years you are in this business. 

If not individually, an amalgamation of these factors is bound to increase the conversion rate. 

Focus on headline formation    

First impression matters! 

Headline of your website is the biggest example. It makes or breaks the impression of your potential customers. 

Although there is no rule of thumb to follow, simplicity often works best. 

Be clear with your message and then experiment. Following is an example that may help you out. 


This homepage headline is almost perfect, says Amanda Slegar from Lone Fir Creative. 

The website is best for keeping tabs of the team’s performance and thus improving transparency and productivity. What makes it so apt is that the headline hits a leader who is working in his/her business and focused more on ideation than its implementation. 

It may not come at once; you have to work for it and make all possible combination to hit the right cord. For example, CityCliq boosted their conversion by experimenting with different headlines like

  • Online advertising that works!
  • Get found faster! 

Finally, they settled for “Create a webpage for your business” resulted in 47.8% conversion rate

Keep forms short and simple 

Keeping the forms short is essential! 

Imagine when you visit a website that shows 20+ fields that you have to fill to sign up. You first reaction would be close the window without even filling in a single field. 

If you truly desire a visitor to sign up for your services or products, you must respect their time. 

Therefore, keep a short and straightforward form layout that requires only some basic information.  Refer to the following instance for more clarity.   


The website mentioned above only asks for a few details for sign up. You can also choose to check out as a guest if you do not feel like signing in. Exactly the option, most users look for. 

However, the number of fields also depends on the type of service you are providing. Thus, do not follow blindly, but determine the best format by yourself.  

You can also take a queue from the below-mentioned ways and do your own permutation and combination! 

  • Including a “chat now” button can increase free form fill up by 31%
  • Changing the CTA button from green to red can also improve conversion by 34%. 
  • Try to integrate a pain point in a headline to increase conversion by 31%. 

If you think that this form creation involves too much of a hassle, worry not!

There comes the necessity of a reliable content agency that knows all the know-how of R&D and can help you increase your website’s conversion rate within a short period.  

How to increase conversion rate through content marketing in R&D?

Research and development play a vital role in determining the success of a business. Digital marketing is also a discipline where proper R&D is required. Since most companies worldwide rely significantly on digital marketing, they need to have basic knowledge about the several parameters like conversion rate and how it helps boost the productivity and overall growth of a company.

To streamline the process of digital marketing and maximise its benefits, you need to take help from a specialised content research and development company.

If you want to achieve your targeted goal of your website’s conversion rate, you would first need to determine the purpose of your website. 

The answer is quite simple. 

Your business website acts as a missing link between your target audience and your sales and marketing activities. Through this platform, you want to seek the attention of your prospective customers and engage them through good quality content. Finally, entice them to sign up for your service and earn income. 

Therefore, the importance of quality content is the utmost if you want to see an increase in conversion rate. Since content constitutes a major part of your website, it needs to be impeccable and to-the-point. 

All about ideal content 

Content should resonate with your perspective and help to build a positive user experience. The delivery and presentation of the same are also crucial in bringing the best dimension of your business. 

Here also, you need to know your target audience. For example, one who is sitting on a study table with e-books and a diary may look for in-depth details of a topic. 

On the other hand, a person returning home in on the subway after a tiring day at office may look for Infographics to know about that particular topic. 

In each case, quality content should be constant. 

There can be no question that good content helps boost conversion rate, irrespective of the business type. Targeted content further generates greater numbers. Besides, conversion also helps in improving brand visibility through SEO. 

Although content creator and conversion optimisers work in a different domain, they need to come together to deliver positive results. 

Google Hummingbird algorithm also better ranks the websites on organic search results that have resonant content are answer the query that is framed and promised to visitors. 

While content does half of the work, conversion optimisers have to do the rest. They have to perform A/B test periodically to assess the demand of the users. 

For instance, blogs are generally popularly among users. You can induce more blogs on website to see the traffic movement. Doing so will more than likely lead to a surge in traffic. 

However, you need to update the content regularly. Fresh content performs the best among target audience and also helps in ranking higher. 

 If you consider yourself a layman in this matter, it will be wiser to seek help from the best content writing agency. They are knowledgeable regarding this genre, learning about your business in detail and preparing their strategies accordingly. 

How technical SEO helps in conversion rate? 

Besides content, another factor that plays a crucial role in improving conversion rate is improved SEO. 

In simple terms, optimised content with search engines help you generate traffic. On the other hand, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) helps to convert that traffic into customers. While these two are seemingly different, they are dependent on each other. 

SEO helps rank the page on SERPs through link building, keyword placement, internal linking, website structure, etc. SEO is instrumental in finding your website among thousands of web pages, and CRO engages them to the site. 

Following are some of the SEO tips that you can implement to improve conversion rate. 

i. Maintain information scent on landing page

You must ensure that there is a connection between your landing page and source ad. Information “scent” assures that the ad redirected them at the right page where they can avail your services. 

To ensure that,             

  • You need to design the layout based on keywords. 
  • A proper site structure is necessary.
  • You can add a local phone number or even try a click-to-call feature in organic results. 

ii. Take measures to keep SEO intact while doing A/B testing

Split testing is necessary to generate more leads and increase sale. However, you also have to provide exact information about the original page to Google. Otherwise, it can confuse which page to rank among different variants. 

It is true that Google encourages undertaking A/B testing, and it does not affect the ranking of your page. 

Hence, if you want to restore the page rank on SERPs, you have to avoid clocking errors and use rel=canonical tag. 

iii. Increase page loading time 

Page loading speed helps to a great extent to reduce the bounce rate and also helps in converting traffic into customers. 

You do not have an entire day to load a page, right?

A delay of a second is ok. But a delay of 10 seconds can push traffic away. asserted that for delay of every 1 second, conversion drops by 7%,which results in $2.5 million loss in a year for the company. 

The following chart elucidates how loading time and conversion rate are related. 

To cure this issue, you need to apply strategic SEO and reduce the page loading speed as far as possible. In this matter a content research and development company can come to your rescue.

You can follow these tips. 

  • Website speed test tool can help in measuring the time. 
  • You need to optimise images.
  • Reduce Round Trip Times.
  • Eliminate bulky codes. 
  • Include videos                                                  

Another great way to improve your website’s conversion rate is explainer video playing. Since such videos give out precise information about the value proposition, the credibility of the site increases tenfold. 

However, you have to keep it short to retain the attention of the visitors. The content also needs to be interesting to engage the crowd for a longer time. You can ensure that from the content development process itself. 

Besides these, plenty of other tips are also there that you can adopt to improve the conversion rate of your website. 

11 tips to improve conversion rate in 2021

Following are some quick hacks that you can try for your website and wait for two to four weeks to see results. 

  1. Updated website design helps greatly with conversion rate.
  2. You can out an action-oriented message on your landing page that is said to increase conversion up to 38.3%. 
  3. Adding the picture of a person also helps with the same cause. It helps to engage the visitors and piques their interest in the offerings. 
  4. Customer reviews are also another trick that you can use to better conversion. Place them strategically so that visitors know what to expect from you. 
  5. Since there is no end to experiment; you can take a chance with changing the homepage to see how that fares on your traffic. 
  6. Make your call-to-action more prominent and change the colour to red. You will see a positive impact on conversion rate for sure. 
  7. Along with website maintenance, you can also go for website redesigning. If executed properly, it can improve conversion rate by almost 21% within 30 days. 
  8. You can also change the text of a call-to-action button to increase the conversion.      
  9. If you are running an e-commerce business, put a seal of authenticity with products that will boost conversion to a great extent. 
  10. Most likely customers are surfing from one webpage to another for better deals. Hence, add the price quotation on the landing page. It would improve the user experience and thus, better conversion. 
  11. Short landing page is another trick that you can implement to see an immediate surge in conversion rate. Your motto is converting the traffic to customers, right? Place the sign-up form on the landing page and most importantly keep it short and simple to achieve your target. 

While these tips seem simple, you cannot execute these by your own. There comes the necessity of hiring a content research and development company like Das Writing Services. We do proper R&D to find out the best solution for you. 

Moreover, our content helps you meet your target by developing engaging content that strictly adheres to Webmaster guidelines and technical SEO. 

How does a content research and development company help with conversion rate?

What a content agency does is they concentrate mainly on content research and development to find out the most effective way to suit your interest. 

Every website has unique needs, and these companies provide a customised solution so that you can hit the bull’s eye! 

We basically save your precious time that you need to spend to hit the right cord. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we do all the tricks to convert the visitors into customers. 

Depending on the project, we prepare a content market strategy that sells and ensure customer retention. 

Thus, if you are running late and want to see a surge in conversion rate immediately, we are just the company to approach! 

Although any reputed company conducts proper content research and development to provide the best solution for websites, you need to know about the current trends creating hype worldwide. 

  • Artificial intelligence            

The advanced AI capacity helps improve the R&D process and provides more sophisticated and enhanced business offerings. Thus, several companies expressed their willingness to invest more in AI R&D. 

As per a survey conducted by Deloitte, almost 51% of the respondents acknowledged hike in their AI investment by 10% in the next financial year. 

  • Cloud computing 

You can also think of investing more in cloud solutions to streamline your business operations. It will assist you in simplifying management, ascertaining the growth and improving the service and product offerings. 

Eventually, it will translate directly to conversion rate of your website. 

  • Data science 

Since the industry is shifting gradually towards providing customised services to customers, data science has become more relevant than ever. 

Several companies root for data mining to gather data from different sources to make R&D more effective by adding value.  

  • Digitalisation of research and development process 

Companies can benefit both from the R&D network and their customers’ feedback. In this aspect, you can take help from all the above-mentioned digital tool and methods. It would help you to boost conversion rate and digitise the end-to-end business procedures as well. 

Thus, following are some of the most effective tips that you can use for your website. However, do not turn your site into an over-optimised robotic one that has no soul! Employ some of them after making a concrete content research and development process and see the result. You can also contact Das Writing Services, a leading Indian content research and development company. We will help you to build brand name and generate substantial ROI that you pay to avail our services.

Keep repeating the process until your desired conversion rate for your website. It can be 11% and even more! 

There is no harm in aspiring for more, right?