Since the time you started scrolling the search engines, you have come crossed a lot of landing pages. A website’s homepage provides a general business overview, whereas a landing page copy exists for a specific and short-term goal.

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to convert the target audience into potential customers, and it is an essential digital marketing strategy. In this guide, we will discuss all landing page copy in detail.

What is a Landing Page?

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It is a standalone webpage that individuals land on whenever they click on a link in an email, sponsored Google Ads, social media platforms or other locations. Once the user lands on your landing page, you can promote your products or services and encourage them to take action by incorporating a strong call to action (CTA) tone. If you address the individuals’ fear and reservations in the landing pages, you can increase the conversion rate up to 80%, according to Gripped’s study.

However, you must ensure that the landing page is fulfilling its sole purpose, which is to promote any one product or service. 

What are the Types of Landing Pages?

There are two main types of landing page copy present. They will either generate leads or lead the individuals to the next step.

types of landing pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages

It is a type of landing page that focuses on collecting the lead data. In simple words, it collects the information of customers of your business. To customise your landing page copy, you need to incorporate attractive and strong headlines and call-to-action (CTA) tones. 

Furthermore, you need to ask the individuals to fill in their details, like name, email, contact number etc., through your lead generation landing page. Once you derive their information, you can focus on your marketing strategies and convert them into your customers. It will help you boost your return on investments in content marketing strategies

Click-Through Landing Page

The main focus of these kinds of landing pages is the CTA buttons. If individuals click on the buttons, they will be redirected to the page where the users can fulfil the desired action. For instance, if users click on the button saying ‘Get Free Sample’, they will be redirected to the sample page of the company. 

In addition, these landing pages allow the target audience to get used to the services and features of your company which directly purchase anything. It will your company to add value to the customer’s experience and turn them into customers for a longer period of time. 

What is the Importance of Landing Page Copy?

There are several instances when individuals come across a brand through an organic or paid search. Landing pages are vital in serving as the initial interaction of your brand to generate more leads for your business through filling up the forms.



Some of the key importance of landing page copy are as follows:

1. Generate More Leads and Conversions

When it comes to generating more leads and conversions for your business, landing pages are an ideal choice. A landing page shows the users the action needs to take and simply the process in an easy way. It is known as Call-To-Action (CTA). 

When you incorporate this, you will notice significant improvements in the conversion of the target audience to potential customers. Hence, it brings in more leads and generates more revenue for your business in the long run. 

2. Improves Paid Advertising

If you want to have an excellent paid search campaign, you need to identify that it depends on the click-through rates, which are influenced by the landing pages. For instance, you can use keywords you want your business to show up when someone searches for ‘best laptops’ in a search engine. The link from that advertising can be towards your homepage or any other webpage of your website.

However, if you use a landing page for this purpose, you can generate more leads instead of diverting the traffic to the homepage. If you have a landing page for a specific purpose, the traffic will be diverted towards one webpage instead of getting lost or distracted by various links. 

3. Enhances Brand Awareness

When designing a landing page copy for your website, you must ensure that the look, style and tonality of the page are consistent with the content it will be linked to. It helps you enhance your brand value and make individuals aware of your brand and its consistency. 

Furthermore, the audience can easily recognise your brand and engage with your business in every way possible. Once audiences land on your website through the landing page, they will be familiarised with your business style and can easily recognise your brand in the future. 

4. Escalates Credibility

Since the purpose of a landing page is centred around one task or objective, you can optimise the content of the landing page to make the task more focused. When an individual identifies their course of action and understands how you are helping in achieving it, you will gain credibility and a trustworthy relationship with them.

In addition, you can also include testimonials of the products or services in the landing pages to bring in more credibility. It will indicate the review of the people who have used the services or products and help you get more customers, as they will feel safe and secure. 

5. Expands Your Email List

Landing pages are generally used for lead generation. It means that businesses get form submissions from interested people whom they can turn into potential customers. Hence, a landing page might contain a link to a form asking for the user’s information, like name, email id, phone number, etc. 

You can use such a form on your landing page asking for an email id to increase your business and generate more potential leads. Furthermore, you can include an ‘opt-in’ button so that individuals can get emails and messages from your brand whenever there is any promotional offer. 

How to Write Landing Page Copy Content?

When writing perfect landing page copy content, you must ensure it stands out from your competition. It should give out a clear statement to your target audience about your business and what you are selling to them. 

how to write?

At Das Writing Services, we design landing page copy keeping the SEO guidelines in mind and help increase the traffic and conversion of a website. Here are some of the premier strategies we follow while writing landing page content for our clients:

1. Compose an Attractive Headline

Your heading is the most important factor when it comes to attracting the user to the landing page. You can use specific keywords like ‘free’, ‘limited offer’ or ‘now’ to make your heading more compelling. 

Hence, you must ensure the headline addresses the visitors directly and is in an active tone. You can also add subheadings to make the landing page more informative to keep the audience engaged. 

2. Look for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords usually have less search volume but have higher conversion value as they are more specific to a topic. You must look for long-tail primary and secondary keywords for the landing pages. For instance, ‘best content writing agencies in India’ is a long-tail key phrase and is more specified. 

In addition, landing pages have specific call-to-action tones that help easily incorporate the long tail keywords. 

3. Sell the Solution or Experience

One of the primary things you should keep in mind while crafting a landing page is to understand what the user wants from it. Once individuals visit your webpage for the first time, they might not be interested in your product or service. They will only read the content if they find a possible solution to their problem on your brand’s landing page.

Hence, you must ensure to provide the voice of your brand and make the individuals believe you are there to help them. It will help you to achieve your business goals and generate more revenue.

4. Make the Landing Page Copy Scannable

Another pro thing we do while writing landing pages is that we make the landing page scannable. In today’s age, readers usually have a shorter attention span which diverts their concentration on a particular thing. To make your content engaging apart from headings and subheadings, you need to incorporate proper text formatting of the webpage. 

You must include bullet pointers wherever required and highlight any important information on the page. Furthermore, you can use ‘Bold’ and ‘Italics’ formatting whenever necessary to grasp the reader’s attention. 

5. Substantiate Your Claims

When writing content for a landing page copy, you must ensure the facts and figures written are informationally correct. You need to be specific about the statistics you include in the content. If you include generalising data in your content, it will look shady and informationally incorrect. 

On the other hand, when you mention specific numbers and facts, the landing page becomes more trustworthy and helps you establish authority. Hence, when you back up the claims on your landing page, you can help your target audience and generate more leads for your business. 

6. Provide Customer Testimonials

In some cases, you may not have current figures and data related to the topic. You can use customer testimonials in such cases. It is called Social Proof and is a powerful tool in today’s age. A study by Nifty Marketing shows that 37% of the finest landing pages have testimonials in their content. 

Including customer testimonials in the landing pages enhances trust and makes the audience believe your brand, making them comfortable. Hence, you must choose a testimonial that is the perfect fit for your landing page. You have to choose a testimonial which focuses on the benefits of the products or services and makes it appealing so that people register for it immediately. 

7. Use Straight Forward Language

You might think writing a landing page in flowery language will help you appeal to attract the audience to your website. However, it is not. Writing a landing page in clear language is significant. You must make the content of the webpage concise and crisp. 

Furthermore, if you use too many technical and descriptive terms in your content, it leads to the audience losing interest. One of the finest landing page copy is that where you can address the audience directly and use everyday language in short sentences. 

8. Include Visual Content

Another way that we make engaging landing pages for our clients is by incorporating visual content in them. Visual content makes the landing pages more engaging and attractive. It is an effective way to attract more customers to your website and turn them into potential customers. 

However, you must ensure that visual content is large and clearly visible to the target audience. You must also check the visual content is relevant to the product or service you are offering to the target audience. Furthermore, if you are selling physical products, you must include an image or video of it on the landing page. 

9. Incorporate a Powerful CTA

The Call-To-Action (CTA) button is crucial on a landing page as it is where the audience will take action. Therefore, you need to have a powerful CTA tone to convert the audience into potential customers. According to a report from Hubspot, personalised CTAs perform 202% better than basic and normal call-to-actions. 

When you are crafting a CTA for your landing page, you need to avoid general terms like ‘Subscribe’ and come up with unique ideas like ‘Best Offer’ and ‘Limited Offer’ to grasp the individuals’ attention. Furthermore, the placement of the CTA button is crucial. You need to place the button where the audience can easily access and see it.

Therefore, when it comes to getting more customers on your website, landing pages play a crucial role. If you have a highly customised landing page, you can drive more customers and reduce the additional customer acquisition cost. 

In addition, you can contact us to frame tailored landing pages that will help you convert the audience into potential customers and grow your business. We have expertise in creating such content for our clients and helping them achieve their goals in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should a landing page include?

When you want to create an effective landing page, you need to incorporate the following things:

  • A Powerful Headline
  • Description of the product or service you are offering
  • Include images and videos
  • Provide testimonials and reviews as Social Proof
  • A form that will help you capture the customers’ data

2. Why is the quality of a landing page important?

Having a high-quality landing page impacts your advertising rank position in the search results. It improves the quality score of the webpage and helps you generate more leads. Furthermore, you can convert these leads into your potential customers.

3. How long should a landing page be?

There is no fixed length for landing pages. It depends on the content you want to publish on the landing page. However, you must write around 400 words from an SEO perspective, so that the readers will understand the motto behind creating such landing pages.