Flicking past Facebook and Instagram stories? What if we say that these platforms are going to decide your business prospect for 2020 and beyond?

Now that we have your attention, here is a shortlist of statistics. This data will substantiate the fact that social media marketing trends 2020 will be holding ground shortly –

  • Approximately 3.2 billion social media users exist. This forms 42% of the global population.
  • Facebook leads the social media platform.
  • 90.4% of millennial, 48.2% of baby boomers, and 77.5% of Generation X comprise social media users.
  • 73% of marketers rely entirely to rely on social media marketing.

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Checklist for Updated Social Media Marketing Trends 2020

Social media has steadily developed from its initial embryonic stage to its full potential. Reaching 2020 and beyond, social media future will ensure its position as a marketing platform. This following list of latest trends in social media platforms are but the tip of an iceberg, showcasing the start of a new era –

Social Media Marketing Trends 2020

Check 1: AR technology in focus

The first social media marketing tricks that rapidly gained popularity is that of Augmented Reality. These features of AR technology in social media platforms is highlighted by –

a) AR videos
b) Boosted purchase experience
c) AR live videos
d) Creating brand awareness

What merely started as camera filters, is slowly beginning to catch up with its full potential. Starting with Snapchat filters, social media platform camera features were soon overpowered by this technology. Such social media trends are potent enough to improve user engagement experience across various platforms.

AR Das Writing Services

Yet another attempt at securing the future of social media is that of Virtual Reality or VR, wherein a whole new world is created right from scratch. This world is a simulation of the imagined and real world.

Check 2: Kickstarted privacy and security

Updated social media marketing trends 2020 puts particular focus on users’ privacy, considering the vulnerability that they feel. Since information is frequently exposed to such social media platforms, data privacy is being given priority.

Multiple platforms like Facebook has undergone significant renovation and updates in the aspect of data management. Subsequently, other platforms have taken this cue and upped their security walls.

Check 3: Rise of influencer marketing

Boosted online presence has always been the target for businesses since the popularity of digital marketing platforms. With a sudden surge in the usage of social network platforms, more and more brands tried to capture the top spot. It calls for an intervention of influencers.

As of 2019, 80% of social media marketers banked upon influencer marketing for boosting their business presence across the digital platform. In fact, an effective Instagram marketing strategy is also dependent on the influencer marketing core.

Influencer marketing
Image Source – singlegrain.com

Check 4: Emphasised importance of video content

One of the new social media marketing tricks noticed by experts is the growing importance of video content. This has soon led it to become the number one preference of target audience. Following up with this, YouTube has ranked as the 2nd largest search engine, next only to Google.

Such a versatile and engaging content format is potent enough to fetch a substantial return of investment. Taking into account such future potential, digital marketing trends in the form of video content have been pushing hard in significant platforms like Facebook and Instagram in 2020.

Video marketing
Image Source – oberlo.in

Check 5: Source of news information

The e-platforms are rapidly replacing print media. Consequently, 50% of internet users believe that they come to know of the latest news in the social media platforms before listening to it in the news channels. This social media marketing trends 2020 has led to Facebook and Twitter becoming the primary source of news.

Check 6: Personalisation has a crucial impact

For content marketing 2020 the primary focus is on personalised content that includes personalised –

  1. Amazon product suggestions
  2. Facebook feed
  3. Google search, etc.

Adding on a personal touch in the content ensures establishing a relationship with the target audience. In this regard, the journey of a brand and its launched product or service both come into the forefront. Considering this, the recent digital marketing trends call for the need to incorporate storytelling into the created content. 

Image Source – impactbnd.com

Check 7: Rise of the new social media platforms

Taking into account the growing popularity of social media platforms, multiple new platforms have emerged. The predominance across the digital platform continues to gain ground and the near future may even see the likes of the modern age social media platforms overpowering old ones. This social media future will be much like the fading away of Orkut with the dominating presence of Facebook.

This list mentioned above for social media marketing trends 2020 brought in the much-needed idea about how the platforms are set to evolve over the next few years. Increased dependence on technology led to conventional modes of social media platforms that cater to the demand of new-age internet users.