Know what’s new in the digital realm?

A recent statistics showed that Google makes 3200+ changes across a single year. It includes updates to an algorithm that ranks the Google search results and new search features as well.

Algorithm quakes and its aftershocks or tremors are felt across the digital space. Subsequently, possessing in-depth knowledge about each of these Google algorithm updates requires perseverance from SEO experts.

On the one hand, businesses irrespective of the genre of their trade rely heavily on content. These updates ensure their ephemeral presence in the digital realm. On the other hand, the demand for familiarising with the Google algorithm is ideally imperative. Each of the algorithms have separate roles to play – deciding SERP, ranking in the featured snippet, etc.

While the fact is established that Google update is a quintessential requirement, before acknowledging the updates, it’s time to know about what Google algorithms are.

What is the Google algorithm?

While everyone SEO analysts go gaga over Google SEO news, it is ideally imperative to catch a glimpse of what Google algorithms are!

Google algorithms can be defined as a complex system that is used to retrieve data from the search index and instantaneously deliver the top quality and relevant results for the entered query. To break it down, a search engine uses combinations of algorithms and takes into account several page rank signals to deliver webpages that are ranked by significance on its SERPs.

Google Algorithm Updates 2020!

While during the initial years, Google Algorithm updates were an occasional occurrence, over the recent few years, they have become more frequent. Considering the significance that each update has on a page’s ranking (relating to backlinks, link building, etc.) following up with each of them is not an option any more.

So here is a quick glimpse at the Google Algorithm Updates 2020 and before!

Google Algorithm updates

1. The Latest: January 2020 Broad Core Update

Here is a quick look into the January 2020 Core Update that has the digital world eating out of its hands!

Rolling out in 2020, this update is yet to reveal its secrets completely. While the world awaits, the launch and introduction of this update showcased some immense fluctuation across the SERPs of multiple sites. Reports started emerging in of alarming shooting north and south of website ranks.

What is to come still requires patience and perseverance from the SEO analysts ends. Fingers crossed everyone – let this update bring in good news for all your sites!


After the rollout of Google’s BERT algorithm in October 2019, Google webmaster came into major focus. SEO analysts from across the globe looked forward to watching the various tweaks that would come to play and have a major impact over ranking factor.

Much to their satisfaction, BERT brought some significant alterations that included –

  • Outperforming 11 of the common NLP tasks, post-tuning
  • Deeply bi-directional indicating that it looks into words pre and post context and entities pre-trained on Wikipedia

While this update already brought in multiple curious marketers to tweak their content launch and design, Google Algorithm Updates 2020 is much anticipated. Fingers crossed, let the updates bring a massive boost in the SERPs.

3. RankBrain

Introduced to the world in October 2015, RankBrain brought in a new surge of artificial intelligence to embed volumes of written language into the mathematical entities of an algorithm. Considering that this algorithm witnessed a world that was previously unknown to it, it could make guesses as to similar words and phrases and filter it accordingly. It brought in a new angle to the SEO optimised content by bringing into it multiple AI tinged aspects.

Content writing company all across the globe fawned in over the update and tried to tweak their content accordingly. The updater came to be called as Google’s 3rd most significant ranking signal. Heavily influencing query results, it came to be of massive popularity and despite the recent BER update is still a prevalent update in the digital realm.

4. Mobilegeddon

With the globe scrunching into their smartphones, and a steady but tectonic shift from desktop to mobile, the requirement for mobile indexing or mobile-friendly SEO optimized content was an obvious demand.

With this, the Google algorithm updates earned multiple monikers that included – mobocalypse, mobilepocalyse, and mopocalypse. The last name that stuck on was Mobilegeddon, and the introduction to its differences was brought about on the official Webmaster Central Blog.

Irrespective of the year it was launched in, the SEO in 2020 remains affected by this update. It is not surprising considering the increased reliance on smartphones. This update impacted –

  • Search ranks on phones
  • Search results globally irrespective of the language
  • Applicable not for websites, but individual pages.

5. Pigeon

The largest impact Google algorithm updates were brought in to balance the local search results and businesses witnessed the impact of this update across their site’s analytics data.

It has been in sync with the latest voice search optimised content demands that focused on localised business searches.

While the Google Algorithm Update History has ensured the way search results are structured now, abiding by theses algorithm updates guarantee lowering the bounce rate and fetching in more organic traffic.