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How important can be the 160 characters of Meta content?

70% of the clicks that occur on a page depend on the Meta content in combination with the title. Sounds complicated? Sure it is!  

However, we at Das Writing Services offer our impeccable Meta Content Writing Services to make sure that the click does happen on your content page.

Before getting into the service details, have a look at the important factors regarding Meta content.


What are Meta contents?


Meta content consists of two parts –

  • Meta title
  • Meta description

Meta titles are the Metadata that is provided in HTML document. This works as a subtitle to know what is there on the page. As per survey, by adding Meta Tags to your website, you increase the chance of better Google ranking by 5x.

Note: Your meta title writing will have a direct effect on your SEO ranking on the page.

Meta description, on the other hand, is the snippet that summarises in 160 characters (including space) about the content of the page.


Where does it show?


When you search for a page in Google, as per the keywords, there is a search result visible on the page. If you see the small text written right below the title that is the Meta descriptions for SEO content.

Once you click on the page, place the cursor on the tab and have a look at it. There will be a small text visible which is known as the Meta title.


How to frame these contents?


To write great Meta contents, there are certain professional skills one need to possess. We have a very active team providing SEO content writing services India who ensure to make things work perfectly.

These are the factors that you need to keep in mind while writing Meta content –

1. Check the character count

It should not be less than 135 characters and not more than 160 characters. It is not that you cannot write more than 160 characters, but Google search results will not show these characters and will replace it will ellipses.

2. It should have an active voice

It is best to avoid using passive voice while writing content; however, it is all the more important to make sure that there is no passive voice in Meta content.

3. Maintain the parity

Just for the sake of grabbing attention, do not write what is not present in the content. When it comes to Meta title and Meta description writing, this should be related to the content you put up.

4. Use keywords

You must place appropriate keywords in the Meta content. This adds more value to the text and makes the addition count.

5. Meta content must be unique

Suppose you are writing content on similar service or keywords, this does not mean you will keep the Meta content similar.

For every page, there must be a new Meta content.

If you want to avoid so many hassles, simply contact us for the Meta Content Writing Services.


How to get clicks on Meta content?


The Meta content writing of your page decides a lot about the future of the content. How? If the meta content is boring or is not framed well, there will be an instant negative judgment about the content.

In a recent survey, there two similar contents with similar information and similar data. However, the Meta contents were different. The one with a better flow of Meta description bagged more traffic.

If you too are looking for perfect Meta Content Writing Services, you must contact us now.

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