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In 2016, India was the leader for an online content generation. With millions of companies coming forward with the claim of providing unique and professional article writing services,

But, how many really reach up to the expected mark?

We, at Das Writing Services, live up to our words. With a team of proficient writers more than 70, we strive to deliver nothing but the best SEO content writing services in India!


Bridging the gap between chaos and cosmos


No matter how often article writing in India is referred to as “technical writing”, it is a creative process after all. And we give our writers the full freedom to ransack the crazy corners of their brains to come up with articles and posts that really move readers.

As a leader in professional article writing services, we also understand that impulsive thoughts and instinctive words poured right out of the writer’s mind would not mat0.32ch the technical prerequisites set by web crawlers.

Therefore, we have a team solely dedicated for bridging this gap between chaos and cosmos.   

In short, we edit the raw files meticulously to meet client requirements and to qualify each article for SEO standards. Therefore, the end product is just the right blend of creative aptitude coupled with technical detailing. That is what makes us the leading content writing agency in Kolkata.

P.S. – we strictly pay for the SEO game rules!


Analyzing – Strategizing – Implementing


We work with effective strategies optimal SEO optimization. Have a look to understand better.

1. Analyze:

Upon receiving a project, we analyze it thoroughly to understand its niche domain and expertise. This makes it easier to assign projects to writers.

2. Assigning:

Depending upon the project specification and writers’ capacities, each project is allotted to specific writers whose forte matches with that of the project.

3. Content generation:

We assure 100% unique content written by some of the best brains in the industry. Each writer in briefed on project requirements and needs.

4. Edit and proofread:

We never skip this step for editing according to client requirements is a vital step for SEO optimization.


Tools that contribute to our impeccable contents


There lies a vats gap between penning down thoughts and preparing the final content. We pass the raw script through a number of tools to create the right effect on the reader’s mind.  

Here is a list of tools that we implement in generating SEO optimization.

1. Word Density Seizure:

After the generation of content, we essentially pass it through the word density seizure to check for unnecessary repetition of article, preposition or other words.

2. Yoast:

Yoast is an essential SEO tool that helps to determine the readability score of each article, depending on the percentage of complex sentences, passive voice and transition words used.

3. Grammarly:

Even after manual proofreading, there are some mistakes that escape the eyes. But there’s no fooling the Grammarly software that is the niche grammar checker available for electronic portals.

4. Copyscape Premium:

We use the premium version of the Copyscape tool to negate any chance of plagiarism or copied content.

Very less SEO content writing services in India can boast of such detailed editing of articles before packaging.


How can we be your trusted partner to climb SERP ranking?


At Das Writing Services, we aim to generate content that can both add value to reader experiences and help clients to gain better SERP ranking. According to recent statistics, 8 seconds is the average attention span of online content readers.

Our articles are built in the following ways, so that it stimulates readers to go beyond the edge of 8 seconds, thereby increasing traffic to your site.

  • Short paragraphs.
  • More data.
  • Catchy phrases.
  • Different format for each article.
  • Interesting information.

If your aim is to hit the first slot of Google's search result page, you have to take pains to make directory article postings and blog posts. And what is a better place to get professional article writing services than Das Writing Services?

We work in an environment where creative aptitude meets the technicalities of the internet world.

Tell us your SEO needs and we will ensure to meet the goals of our SEO content writing services in India!