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Why do you need Professional Writing Service? This thought arises among people who are staring their websites newly. The first and the foremost reason for getting professional

service is to ensure that your website is marked by Google that too in a positive manner.

We at Das Writing Services is Professional Content Writing Company providing this service to you.

Our company offers SEO content writing services that are going to make your website rank higher and eventually make it visible to others.


Different types of professional content writing


Once you contact us, here are the different things that you can expect from us –

1. Article writing services

Articles are the most number of content present on a website. These are informative content that draws at least 40% of traffic to your site.

 2. Blog content writing services

In 2016-2017, blogs are rated as the highest read content and calls for professional content writers. Blogs are the only versatile content which is compatible with online publishing, fits in social media platform as well as goes well with image and video content as well.

3. Web page writing

We provide web content as a part of SEO content writing services. These web page contents are going to represent the services of the company/ business.

More than 72% of the customers judge a company’s service based on their web content. So, if you want your customers to have more faith in your service, get it done by our professional writers.

4. Press release writing service Kolkata

Press releases are the perfect way to introduce different services and present it in-front to the customers. This also boosts their reputation in the market and people will get to know about the business more.

5. Social media writing services 

Social media presently serves as the biggest platform that gives way to mass marketing. However, it is only possible when the writing is written with SEO guidelines and follows the norms of good writing.

Our professional writing services are going to serve you with pleasant writing as well as establish yourself in Google.


Why us?


  • We provide error-free content

Our team of professional content writers makes sure to perform proper research work. Moreover, to avoid further hassle, we use Grammarly, which is an online tool to check grammar, spelling, sentence construction and more.

  • There will be no plagiarism

If there is even a percent of the copied content, there is a high chance that Google will spam the page. As a result, your website will de-rank. To save from these issues, the important factor is to make sure that there is no plagiarism for which we use Copyscape.

This is what gives way to our high-quality content writing services Kolkata.

  • Free editing

There can be times when a portion of the content might not suit your purpose. We ensure to edit the content without any extra charges.

  • Content update

It is important to update web content regularly to maintain the good rank in a website. As a provider of High-quality content writing services Kolkata, we also send a reminder to clients after 3 months to ensure that all the content is up-to-date.

  • We provide service at competitive price

We provide cheap price content writing services India without compromising the quality.  We also ensure that our work benefits our clients improve their Google ranking and draw more traffic.

Want to enjoy all these in your writing? Then contact us soon!