It wouldn’t be wrong to say a product description is directly proportional to the number of products that sell.

Well, the better the description of a product, the higher the conversions you receive – from being a visitor to being a customer. Writing a product description requires specific skills to pitch with a narrative that captures the readers’ attention and helps them address their requirements.

Or else, why do you think renowned brands go for hiring professionals for product description writing?

Okay, let’s have a few fact-checks now –

  • Does your product description appeal to your reader?
  • Do you address your target audience’s needs through the description?
  • Are your product’s benefits highlighted?
  • Does your description answer questions?
  • Do you highlight its USPs?
  • Are the phrases and words used by you compelling enough?

If your answer to any one or more of these questions is a ‘no’, then you are probably not doing it right.

So, how do you improve the product description that you provide to your targeted readers? Well, here is a secret – professional writing partners like a content writing company keep a few tips handy to create a product description that sells.

And yes, it’s nothing short of art with numerous intricacies involved and areas to ponder!

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Product Description

Here’s a short and crisp introduction of things to take care of when writing a product description.

  1. Have a clear idea of the audience you target
  2. Emphasise the benefits that it brings
  3. Have a story to tell
  4. Make use of easy-to-understand tone and language
  5. Use impactful words and phrases to increase saleability, in other words, copywrite
  6. Make your description scan-able
  7. Don’t forget to optimise
  8. Transparency via your content is the key – remember!

Now, let’s have a detailed look at all of the points mentioned above.

Target audience: Make sure you know who to target

Creating a saleable copy always starts with a few basic steps. Here, it’s about identifying who your target audiences are. Or more precisely, whom to address with your product description writing.

So, the question to ponder here is, do you know the buyer persona for your product/s? Well, it is a complete breakdown of

  • who your buyer can be,
  • what he/she wants,
  • why did they arrive on your page,
  • which stage of the buying funnel they are in, and more such questions.

Another essential question you may ask yourself is what impression a reader will leave on another person when describing the same to them.

To keep you informed, a product description might sound the same as a product review, but both are entirely different. So, you must not confuse between the two.

The primary point to notice between these two is that they address two different target audiences. While the former is for informing a prospective customer at the last stage of purchase, the latter addresses those who are still looking for all available purchase options.

Hence, when writing a product description, you need to make it as precise as possible, along with highlighting the requirements that it serves.

For instance, you have a mobile phone as a product with a 48 MP front camera as your product’s highlight. However, it also has other likeable specifications.

So, your target audience will not only be people looking for a smartphone with a high-pixel camera but also with other attractive features. In that case, the focus will be on its camera pixels, but the needs addressed will also be based on different features that a given phone carries.

Highlighting the benefits of all available specifications along with a product’s USP does two things –

  • Caters to a specific buyer
  • Increases the scope of addressing the target audience

Defining your targeted audience thus takes us to the next step of a product description writing guide – emphasising your product’s benefits.

Product’s benefits: Know which uses to focus on

From a seller’s point of view, all the benefits that a product provides are valuable. Nevertheless, this is not the case with buyers. As in, a prospective customer may not be interested to know all the benefits it provides. Instead, they would look for the utility that serves their purpose best. It is where the role of a content writing company comes to the fore.

Professionals creating product descriptions have a knack for understanding a business’s target audience and the utility of the products they sell. Also, with their capacity for in-depth research, they address specific buyer personas that can be served through a single product within a given limitation of words.

Expressing with precision is the key!

Companies like Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. are among the best professionals for product description writing services. As to why, – the genre of experience they carry is wide, and they come with some of the most compelling writers for product description copy.

Not to mention, with the right benefits for the right buyer persona!

Try with a story that connects

product description writing with story telling

Yes, that’s one tried and tested way to reach out to your target audience with a product description. One that converts viewers into customers!

Well, writing a good product description is about giving out all the necessary details relevant to a buyer. The enticing element comes in when these details are woven into words that connect to the reader at an emotional level.

As researches prove, buyer behaviour is significantly affected by emotions exhibited. So, yes, if it touches their heart, the description stands a high chance of receiving the likes of ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ clicks.

The reason is, that a personal, emotional touch woven into a story fills up any gaps that a potential customer may have about a product.

Another reason why this story told through product description writing connects is that it provides a scope of imagination to a reader.

Take this as an example – a story-phrased product description for an umbrella will help the reader imagine how they can use it in their life.

Lo and behold! Seeking their response through a call to action (CTA) tone remains just like a knob to opening the door.

Tone and language are the next breakthroughs to achieve

The beauty of writing a product description that sells is in the tone and language of it. Yes, it needs to be free-flowing so that the language and tone are natural, and easy with the reader.

And, who else would nail it right than a content writing company with professional expertise?

Hence, if you have a product description that is not understandable enough to make an amateur friend understand how it will benefit him/her, it needs a fresh touch of lucidity.

For example, selling sassy shoes rather than high-heeled shoes! Sounds right, eh?

Its gist is – the undertone needs to be naturally conversational to connect with the reader.

Copywriting for increased saleability

Well, that’s one secret to writing product description copies that sell. Maybe you didn’t know it, but accomplished copywriters use words and phrases that are impactful and compelling.

Combine it with the element of a natural, conversational tone, and you have a professional, copywritten product description. It would compel your prospective buyer to click on the ‘buy now’ tab.

Take, for example – power-packed words like breathtaking, spectacular, jubilant, stunning, etc.

How’s that for the simplest of products?

Consider the product description’s scan-ability

In this fast-paced world, buyers barely have time to go word-by-word for the description that you provide.

With the attention span of humans decreased to a mere 8 seconds, you have just a few moments to impress your prospective customers and keep them hooked.

Well, companies providing professional content writing services assist you with the necessary scanability of your product in the description. It helps a visitor understand what your product has to offer just by skimming through it.

And, it does include the ‘BENEFITS’ that your target audience would be looking for. Keeping it short, crisp and to the point with the right highlights on the saleable aspects of a product is the key to making it scan-able.

SEO Optimisation never goes out of trend

With Google frequently updating its algorithm to serve users with more precise results, optimisation is the key to bringing your product above other substitutes in the market.

Professional content writers with expertise in SEO do it right by optimising a description with the right keywords – the ones that are searched for the most.

Using the right tools and techniques for optimisation, they ensure that your product reaches the targeted audience first and fetches new sales.

Keep product description honest

If you think hype-ing the benefits of your product through product description writing would help, maybe you should think again. Well, nothing sells better than transparency, and buyers are the first ones to get the right glimpse of it.

So, ‘KEEP IT HONEST’ is the mantra irrespective of the targeted age bracket of the audience.

And, loosen the last nail to open the treasure trove of product descriptions by adding a powerful CTA to it.

Maybe you should look for a hint of professionalism to it through a content writing agency.

There you are! Have your product description ready in the knack of time and get the sales as and when planned! Get set to conquer.

Reach us out for any other assistance or queries you may have!