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“Hey Siri, what’s trending now?”

Voice search has been touted as the next big thing in the tech industry for many years now. Standing in 2019, it has well and truly unravelled its potential, catapulting from a few thousand users at the beginning of this decade to several hundred million now.

This phenomenon asks you to go for Siri optimized content ASAP!

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It all started when Apple introduced its iPhone 4S back in 2011 with a beta version Siri search. Admittedly, there were some voice search applications before Siri; most notably, Google’s computer speech recognition program which they integrated into the Vista OS in the early 2000s. But it was Siri that changed the game.

In a press release issued in the last quarter of 2018, Apple announced that Siri currently has over 500 million monthly active users, the highest for any voice search application.

The introduction of IoT has provided a further boost in the usage of Siri voice search. Siri is at the heart of Apple’s smart home solutions such as the Homepod and Airpod. Everything from your refrigerator to television (and even toilets) can be now be controlled with verbal commands.

Voice search has come a long way and transformed from a simple command-based algorithm to a smart assistant that understands its owner or at least tries to.

Adapting to the voice-first trend – Siri Optimized Content

Currently, nearly 20% of all online enquires are done using voice search. The emerging trends indicate that this number is going to touch 50% within the next year, and 30% of Google voice search online will be performed on devices without a screen.

So, what does that mean for your business and website? Quite a lot, it turns out.

Any business that wants to stay relevant going into the next decade should embrace Siri optimized content with open arms. We are still on the ground floor of this path-breaking innovation, the perfect time to join the bandwagon if you haven’t already.

While an overwhelming percentage of Siri searches are still relatively simple commands (almost 30% of all voice searches are constructed from a combination of just 25 words such as how, what, best, top etc.), it’s only going to get more complicated as the algorithms evolve further.

For businesses of all sizes, the need of the hour is to formulate a voice-first strategy which accurately encapsulates the emerging voice search trends across platforms. It is at this juncture that Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. comes into play.

We are one of the pioneering content marketing agencies in India with a dedicated wing for voice search optimization. Being an early-adapter, we have an in-depth understanding of how Siri works and how your new or existing website can be optimized to meet its requirements.

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Our approach to voice search 2019

Siri has always been at the forefront of the voice-first revolution. There was a massive demand for introducing Siri for Android, which may be considered one of the reasons for the development of multiple other voice recognition applications such as Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Samsung Bixby.

To understand how we can optimize websites for Siri, we have first to understand how voice search works and how their commands are different from the text format.

It starts with Google’s Hummingbird update back in 2013, which focused more on the user’s intent than the exact keyword. In technical jargon, it’s known as semantic search.

It has allowed search engines to be more fluid in the sense that it can now recognize natural language. You no longer have to say ‘news 2018 India’ to get the top news of the year; you can just ask ‘What happened in India in 2018’ and Siri online understands your intention behind the query and responds accordingly.

This is the bedrock of Siri search- Natural Language Programming (NLP). For ranking high on SERP, it is critical that the language used on your website is natural, easy-to-understand, and preferably conversational.

There are some other crucial facets of voice search SEO that we implement to get websites rank high on the Siri’s search index.

  • Localized searches

It’s no secret that a majority of Siri search queries are localized. ‘Best restaurants near me’, ‘Where can I buy ‘X’ in *city*’ ‘How can in reach *place* from *place*’ etc. are among the most common search queries on Siri.

As a business, your website has to feature high on local searches to be relevant in the voice-first ecosystem. We implement localized strategies tailor-made for individual businesses within Siri optimized content so that they are the first entry that comes up in the results.

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  • Mobile friendliness

There’s no getting around mobile experience entering into 2019. Siri is, after all, a mobile-based application. If your page is not optimized for the same, it’s highly unlikely that Siri will recommend your website to its users.

Optimizing a website for mobile includes creating a faster and more responsive UX, AMP pages and above all, great content, which is what we specialize in.

  • Long tail keyword optimization

It’s a natural extension of the NLP approach we mentioned a bit earlier. As voice searches are more conversational than accurate, it is critical to integrate long tail keywords into your website content.

For instance, an individual who wants to get a pizza might type ‘Best pizza delivery near me’ when (s)he is using a type command. The same person will probably use ‘Which is the best pizza delivery joint in this neighbourhood?’ when (s)he is giving a voice command.

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At Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd., our Siri voice search SEO team can optimize your website in a way that not only ranks you higher on such queries but also formulate crisp answers that can be read back to the user. It is especially crucial considering that 30% of voice searches are done on devices without a screen.

Transforming technology through voice

Siri, along with a few other voice search assistants, is fundamentally changing how people interact with technology. It is no longer ‘the next big thing’, but a reality of today and a beckoning of tomorrow.

Businesses have to opt for Siri optimized content so that their websites gain traction in the foreseeable future. Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. Provides that much-needed impetus required to take your business into the next decade and beyond.

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