The content marketing agencies are looking for newer ways to generate higher traffic to their clients’ sites as well as to their own websites. In 2018, they found an excellent way to engage its audiences through a different kind of content – vlogs.

So, what is a vlog?

Video + Blog = Vlog

That’s the simplest definition of vlog. Thus, vlogs are video content, the trend which assumed a speedy velocity in recent years. Vlog for the content market is, therefore, becoming the latest trend in 2019.

As a result, many bloggers now include videos in their content to garner more traffic. Vlog for the content market is gaining popularity because of its cheap accessibility. Anyone with a video-capable camera can shoot videos; a high-internet connectivity phone or desktop can publish the video online.

vidoe blog

Thus, if you post relevant content that will strike a chord with the audiences; you can become an internet sensation overnight. And, the greatest attraction of it is you can post on topics that you like and feel strongly about them; it can even be controversial.

BBC News Technology published an article on ‘The year of the digital citizen’ where Jo Twist, the CEO of Ukie, talked about vlogging along with podcasting. She said vlogs had become a new source of news which lets anyone locally and globally join the conversation.

Thus, vlogging is the new-age content marketing strategy that enables viewers to engage and participate. It allows you to do so if you post the right content in the right place.

Where can you post the vlogs?

Vlog for content market will work your way only when you post the videos on hosting sites that are relevant to the content. Also, keep in mind where you will get the maximum traffic. Like posting a video on YouTube will no doubt bring you massive traffic. It’s because YouTube enjoys the status of being the 2nd largest search engine after Google.

However, here are a few suggestions that can help you decide your hosting sites:

  • Your website homepage

Here, you can introduce your company’s work team and supporting staffs. This would be the right place to do it.

  • Social media

It’s the most common and popular hosting site to post your vlog for content market. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others enable users to click the ‘share’ button a higher number of times than in any other hosting site.

  • To a landing page

You can use this when you want your viewers to take action, i.e. there will be a specific call-to-action for the content you’re posting. It’s often an effective content marketing strategy for popular vloggers who sponsor a specific product or brand

Content marketing agencies often help you determine the hosting sites that will enable the post to reach to as many internet users as possible. However, if the page isn’t mindful of the SEO factor while creating the videos, then all the efforts will go in vain.

How to boost SEO using vlogs?

Now if you think vlogs won’t be able to achieve search engine optimisation, you’re incorrect there! It’s because vlog for content market is a great way to boost SEO.

If you follow the upcoming tips about how to improve SEO with videos, your vlogs and website will enjoy high visibility.

1. Write labels using keywords

Giving more information will enable your video to appear in the search engine. Hence, use keywords relevant to the videos in titles, file names, and tags. It will ensure that the video content is clear search engines, and hence, it will help the vlog to appear in the search results.

2. Integrate video and text

A great way to promote content to search engine is through vlog for content market. It’s a significant SEO ranking factor as it signals that your site contains rich quality materials for viewers. On top of that, if you mix video with text relevant to the content like including a description using keywords, the vlog will appear more on search engine result pages or SERPs. Thus, it will boost the ranking of your page.

3. Transcripts for the video

Incorporating transcripts for the audio is an excellent content marketing strategy to outreach your vlogs to more viewers. It’s because doing this increases the find-ability of the content. Also, it enhances relevance to the search engine as you will use keywords here as well. However, make sure you don’t entangle yourself into keyword spamming while using them.

4. Post videos on YouTube

As you already know, YouTube is the most popular hosting site to post videos. Thus, a social platform like YouTube can be used extensively to use vlog for the content market as you will get massive traffic from there. It helped many small businesses flourish as Google always shows videos on its search result pages for relevant searches.

Here are the steps of how can you post a video on YouTube!

  • Set up your channel; give it a name that’ll let viewers have an idea on what the channel is about. Write descriptions about you and your profile in the ‘Description’ and ‘About Me’ section respectively.
  • Ensure that you set the visibility of your channel to ‘public’. Also, let viewers comment along with other activities. It may include comment voting, ratings, video responses, etc. that will encourage users to engage and participate.
  • Now make the video that you want to post online. Remember, only the content you post will help you get traffic. Take the help of content marketing company to come up with a relevant and interesting topic for your niche audience.
  • Add titles, file names, descriptions, transcripts and tags using keywords for your video. Also, add an attractive image for the video that appeals to the viewers. Now, you can upload the video on YouTube.

Note: Adding tags to the videos will not only help you land on the search result pages, but the videos will also appear on the sidebar. It shows ‘related videos’ when a user plays another video.

Only viewing the videos on YouTube is not enough. You have to bring the users to your website page. Hence, provide a backlink to your site in the description box. That’s how vlog for content market works in garnering more traffic to your website page.

Hence, now you know what you’ve to do to achieve search engine optimisation when you post videos. And, it is also evident how this can be an effective content marketing strategy. Thus, understanding the types of vlogs to post now can further help in optimising search results. Because posting relevant content can only help you get the much-needed traffic to your website.

Types of vlogs

The digital world is developing at a rapid pace. Hence, the internet users, as much as 65% of them, are turning into a visual audience on the web. Therefore, one of the effective ways that content marketing agencies now consider to engage users is through video content or vlog.

Knowing the types of vlogs that exist till now can help you in this regard.

1. Knowledge videos

Blogs are informative in nature; so are video blogs. Thus, when users type a query in the search engine, it’s most likely that they will get a video as a part of their information at the top of the result page.

For example, if you type ‘tying a shoelace properly’ in the Google search engine, the relevant videos for the search will come on the page.

2. Q&A vlogs

An effective way of gaining the trust of your potential customers is by posting answers to their queries they post on your site. Do this on a periodical basis where you answer a series of questions. Or, you can choose a particular issue and put up a detailed video on that topic.

3. Tutorial videos

Vlog for content market gets significant traffic when you post tutorials that help your viewers understand or learn anything specific to your product. It also helps your support team save time as they don’t have to sit and give answers to all the queries that your brand gets online. Instead, the tutorial video-shot provides all the responses that the online users seek.

4. Client testimonials

There’s no natural way than this to gain the support of potential buyers. Hence, content marketing agencies often stress on this type of vlogs to their clients where an existing customer shares the experience of the product. This helps build the authenticity of your brand that also stands as proof of how trustworthy your company is.

5. Fashion and fitness vlogs

Fashion, beauty as well as fitness videos are gaining popularity in the arena of vlog for content market. Since it’s a vast global market, reaching the right viewers is easier with these types of videos. However, the vloggers must know what they are posting in their videos. If the information is not time-tested, you will not only be unable to gain the desired popularity, but you’ll also give viewers wrong info that’ll affect them adversely.

Hence, creating these kinds of videos is considered as excellent content marketing strategy by web content developers these days.

However, you might be still confused about how vlogging and content marketing is related. So, let’s see how it is influencing the content marketing trends of 2019.

Vlog content writing services in india

Vlogging is fast emerging as the latest content marketing trends. It’s because video bloggers are targeting their niche audience with high-quality content these days.

More than 60% of businesses are anchoring their business-promotion strategy to vlog for content market. They promote their brands, products and services through videos of clients, CEOs, and employees. Thus, it enables them to establish an interpersonal relationship with viewers and potential buyers.

There are many vloggers in the scene now who provide entertainment to internet users and give them life advice as well. Also, many unconventional arts are making way to the limelight with the help of vlogging, like stand-up comedy.

Hence, incorporate vlogging into your content marketing strategy as it is proving to be a better tactic to enjoy more traffic to your page. It has shown greater conversion rates because internet-users now have an attention span of 3 seconds. You can’t grab someone’s attention in such a short time with writing. However, if you post a high-quality video that has rich content, 3 seconds is a long time to capture the eyeballs and ears of your viewers.

Also, it’s a wise marketing strategy for businesses that need to educate the people to sell their service. The video is an easier way of doing it. When the spectators see a face in front of their eyes that they can relate to, the content becomes relatable and hence, makes the whole process of understanding more easy-going.

Vloggers that made it big

Your belief on vlog for content market will only grow stronger once you come to know these people who made it big on the vlog-scene in recent years.

  1. Felipe Neto – He’s a Brazilian comedian and vlogger who happens to be the 1st YouTuber who hit the 1 million subscribers mark in 2012. He even has a Netflix original special released in 2017.
  2. Yuya – A Mexican beauty vlogger, she has over 20 million followers. Her content marketing strategy consists of beauty tutorials. She has an alternative channel where she speaks of her daily life. With the help of her YouTube channel, she was even featured in the Vogue.
  3. Smosh – The comedian duo, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, was among the first YouTube sensations. They became popular with the slapstick comedy video on games and pop culture. The duo had estimated earnings of $11 million in 2017.

Thus, you can see how vlogging can help you create a brand of your own. That’s why content marketing agencies stress hugely of creating videos because its end results are immense.

In 2018 and beyond, the popularity of vlog for the content market will only grow due to its easy accessibility to the people at large. There are more reasons for this – people like seeing videos, and they remember it more than reading something online. Thus, vlogs make for a grand content marketing strategy.