Digital marketing has tectonically shifted the perspective shared towards marketing. Marketing is no longer the domain of industry leaders or companies with substantial market sizes. Earlier, only the big bosses had the resources to spend on extensive marketing, whereas the small companies and start-ups had to taste dirt and rely on personal networking and retailers to make their way to the customer.

That scenario has changed since the inception of digital marketing. Start-ups and small companies can now easily compete with larger brands through efficient marketing, which does not necessarily cost as much as traditional marketing. The one form of digital marketing which most new brands avail in their initial days is affiliate marketing.

More than 81% of brands use this for the success of their brands.

Its basic premise is you market your product through a third party website to attract readers to your website. It can be considered a portal which transports readers from their website to yours. Its marked advantage lies in the fact that you only pay to the marketer when your purpose is fulfilled. Henceforth, affiliate marketing in India allows small businesses to generate audiences with low costs and also provides for positive revenue on investment.

How to efficiently use affiliate marketing to your advantage?

Although the process of affiliate marketing is simple, it does require additional input from your end to make it a success. As mentioned earlier, almost 81% companies employ this as a means to develop their brand; which means, innovation and efficient implementation are instrumental in making your brand a success amongst all others.


A few ways how to start affiliate marketing in India and use it to your advantage are –

  1. Scale your promotion: You need to strategise a proper schedule for your affiliate marketers to utilise. For instance, you can inform your marketers of your launch date and ask them to market it in a manner that will create a sensation around the launch. That way, when you launch your website it can have considerable traffic.
  2. Hire a content writing agency: In some cases, the affiliate marketer itself provides the content writing service. However, in case they do not, you need to ensure you hire an efficient content writing company which understands your requirements and delivers rich quality write-up. Content is the soul of digital marketing and allows your target audience to know about you.
  3. Note progress: You can note how your brand is doing through the affiliate programmes you have subscribed to, through real-time tracking. It is a feature integrated into such marketing companies’ programmes which allows you to track new visitors to your websites, clicks on your websites, sales, email subscriptions, etc. When you keep an active check on the same, you can know which marketer is proving useful and which is not. Thereby, you can seek other ones and continue the process until you achieve your desired result.
  4. Diversify marketers: You do not want to rely on a single marketer for this unique marketing genre. You need to spread your brand through different sources. At the same time, collate knowledge on your competitors and know which marketers they have hired. It will allow your brand to outperform your competitors by providing better working terms and better payment. You can also use influencers to promote your brand on social media. As most influencers have a loyal fan base, they can prove useful in bringing customers to your website.
  5. Social proof: It is a psychological trick used by brands to make target customers and audience convince to buy your product or avail your services. The most common application of this is through reviews. Prospective customers make such reviews the basis of their decision to avail your product. You can utilise affiliate marketing in India to publish reviews on third party websites.

The portion highlighted with the red ink is the affiliate marketer who has provided a review on the new Samsung A50. Almost 95% of prospective customers look for reviews on the internet prior to purchase.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

While you have learnt of the basic ways how you can utilise this marketing to your advantage, you need to know full well how it will be effective for your business. These are –

1. Performance-based: Unlike traditional method of marketing or other forms of digital marketing, affiliate marketing is based on the performance of the marketer, as discussed earlier in affiliate marketing definition. It allows you to save substantially in case a particular marketer is not proving efficient in bringing customers.

2. Enhanced sales: Availing your products on more than one website can significantly improve your chances of increased sales.


For instance, Med Life has used CashKaro as an affiliate marketer to sell their products, as it is a popular website. To increase sales, they are also offering cashback. You can employ these techniques to improve your sales.

3. Website performance: Brands that use affiliate marketing have higher traffic on their websites compared to websites that do not. It allows greater visibility and engagement on the internet, which improves your brand awareness. It results in a healthy performing and sustainable website.

4. Cost-effective: This marketing technique is cheaper compared to traditional marketing and also other forms of digital marketing. Hence, affiliate marketing is ideal for start-ups and small companies.

If you are starting your business and need to make people aware of it, the best way to do so is through affiliate marketing. It allows you a wide audience, and with efficient strategies on your end, you can easily make your brand a success.