The practice of content marketing involves creating, publishing, and promoting content that may just be helpful and relevant to your target audience.  It may be outwardly promotional, or simply can be something that makes people aware of your industry or gets people interested in your brand. 

Content marketing and web design goes hand in hand to create awareness and attract audience to the website. To identify the impact of the two elements, professional marketers use some key metrics such as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), quality lead generation, traffic, and lead value (cost per lead x number of leads). 

In this blog, we will discuss how content marketing and web design are connected and how the design of your website affects the marketing outcomes. 

How Content Marketing is Impacted by Web Design? 

The content you would write following the SEO writer’s guide should help you organically market your product and services online. However, web design still has crucial importance in the user’s journey. 

How? A well-optimised web design creates a brand identity and makes the website user-friendly. Without a responsive web design, content hardly has any utility. As an unresponsive page will only increase your bounce rate, no matter how optimised and high quality content you showcase, without sound design, they are useless.   

Here are some of the most significant ways web design impacts content marketing:

1. Web Design Enhances User Experience

A responsive website design offers a satisfying experience to the visitors. It encourages them to stay on the site, navigating from one page to another to find relatable or helpful content.

A straightforward navigation setup with drop-down menu choices can help visitors avoid digging through page after page to get quick access to the information they want to have. 

2. Web Design Improves Engagement

As in any written piece of content, users do not like reading continuous blocks of text but prefer content in smaller paragraphs. It is the same for web designing.

So, as a web designer can remove the clutter and create clear visual hierarchies by tactically using white space and typography. This will provide individuality to each piece of content and compel your readers to engage with them.

3. Web Design Promotes Brand Consistency

According to SWEOR, the average time users take to decide if a website they landed upon is useful is 0.05 seconds. There are certain elements on a website that influence these micro decisions the most. 

One is the website appearance and the other is consistency of content. It is vital for optimum branding across the site and delivers a cohesive experience. To do that you must use a clear method of spacing and structuring content, keeping fonts consistent throughout all pages, using the same colour palette, and so on. 

4. Web Design Upgrades Appearance

Most visitors are likely to quickly develop perceptions about your brand’s quality and trustworthiness based on the appearance of your site. A clean design that aligns with your brand and reflects your professionalism and potential is always preferable. Further, a responsive design optimises your page load speed which goes on to affect your rankings. 

Also, make sure to include relevant Call-to-Action CTAs wherever applicable to help users navigate to the enquiry form in as few clicks as possible.  

5. Web Design Boosts Readability

To generate quantifiable returns against your content marketing ROI it is crucial for the web content to be more readable. It is one of the ways to ensure traffic retention in your site and keep bounce rate to the minimum. 

A good web design means visually appealing texts that are easy to read (almost automatic). To make it happen designers should use appropriate fonts and colour schemes that entice the readers and go well with the brand. 

Finally, we can say that these seemingly minor details need careful attention to fully optimise your content marketing campaign. Do you agree with our take on how content marketing and web design are related to each other? Do let us know in the comments section.