A person can describe everything if he has that one weapon – words!

Meanings and usages of words change and modify with time to fit themselves in different cultures and meet distinct needs of generations.


But, its one use has remained the same throughout; that is of conveying meaning and thoughts to one another.

Do you know any other means through which you can do any one of these? Of course, you don’t have the “word” to answer this question!

Much like this question, it becomes essential to use the precise words that fit into specific circumstances. In fact, in the 21st century, a content marketing company has become a thriving business for the words it uses.

But, there’s a clause to it – only using the right words in the right places can help such a company achieve success. Nonetheless, it is establishing itself as a booming sector which has only one USP – words!

How words have evolved over the years and centuries?

Phrases or “words” often assume a life of its own after its inception; eventually, it strays far from the original meaning and intent. However, these drastic changes in meanings cause confusion and make it difficult for us to make statements which are politically accurate.

We have seen many corporate giants using improper words or giving out unfitting statements publicly that has led to multiple troubles for themselves and their companies. That’s why numerous content writing services help use their clients such “politically correct” words to connote their message categorically to their niche audience.

For that, content writers do extensive study and research on different words whose application can work to their benefits.

Do you know how much distance a phrase travels from its source after using it for centuries?

Here’s an example for you – prodigy.

When this word originated, its meaning was an ‘offspring when a human impregnates an animal’. Well, now we all know how we use this word; to refer to a person with extraordinary talents and abilities.

You’d definitely not want to use ‘prodigy’ now as people used it before! That’s the beauty of its evolution. Every word makes itself adaptable to the meaning given to it by a generation. As time changes, the meaning changes its shape as well to fit itself in that time frame.

Words and emotions!

Numerous phrases and verses are there that can be used in both negative and positive senses.

Omens signify both good and evil incidents; this makes it easier for the user to manipulate the application of such words.

Again, can ‘sick’ be used with a positive connotation when someone also uses it as slang?

Thus, you see how people use words to their advantages and transmit their messages according to their own needs. We use it to communicate humour and all other forms of emotions.

Words are the only things through which humans can infer information and make the other person understand how they feel about each other. That’s why a content marketing company is always careful of the words that it uses to communicate messages to its readers as words can either make or break their game in the business.

How words can communicate ideas effectually?

An author named William Zinsser wrote ‘On Writing Well’, a famous book on how students must develop their voices and become a writer to change the world with their words and phrases. Likewise, the content writing services primary role is to use the correct yet simple phrases that can communicate one idea effectively.

Zinsser says that it isn’t difficult to provoke simple thoughts with simple verses. All it requires is hard work; working towards this end can help writers create ideas that are simple to both write and understand.

The American writer explains the four essential tenets that creative writers, as well as professional content writers, can employ while writing.


Efforts, focus, discipline – the three mantras for bringing clarity in one’s writing. Always starting with a clear mind enables writers to reflect their ideas clearly. Also, avoiding jargons, clichés, and euphemisms often bring in the clarity that clients seek from a content marketing company.


That is something difficult to achieve. It requires great effort and discipline because creating simple things and work of art is the most challenging job one could take up. It never happens in the first or second draft. Practicing it on a regular basis helps writers create simple yet comprehensible thoughts.


In the world of digital marketing, a reader’s attention spans as less as only three seconds. Since information is swamping all over the internet, professional content writers using three words where one word would fit in perfectly would lead to the higher bounce rate of pages and websites.

Hence, it is essential to maintain brevity or preciseness in writing. Writings in their first drafts are always verbose. Thus, one needs to review one’s writings numerous times to bring it to its finals shape.


Readers don’t identify themselves with abstractions; rather it’s the writer with whom the reader relates. Therefore, it becomes essential for a content marketing company to write pieces that are informative and original, yet it connects with the visitors who have come to read those writings.

Thus, creating stories and contents with words that have clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity in them can help any content writing services to climb up the success ladder effectively.

Introducing innovative and original verses

Since the meaning and use of phrases change with time, dictionaries always try to keep themselves updated with the change.

As a matter of fact, 2000 words that are new were included in the New Oxford Dictionary in 2010 itself. That’s a lot of new words, right!

Contributions of JK Rowling to this end!

The writer has introduced quite a few catchphrases through her widely popular Harry Potter series. Following are some of the prevalent phrases that she made a part of diction of the millennials:

  • Muggle
  • Squib
  • Dumbledore
  • Hippogriff
  • Mudblood
  • Horcrux
  • Animagus

Numerous other words are there in the series. However, here the motive of pointing out such words frontier is that use of language evolves. And, that is why writers are able to come up with thought-provoking pieces through their words.

Also, professional content writers are working hard these days to evoke such feelings within their readers through the use of this powerful tool.

Role of keywords in the digital marketing world

It is known to each one of us that marketers and advertisers are using the power of words since first print commercial advertisement. The advertisement appeared some five and a half centuries years ago in around the year 1486.

Now fast forwarding to the 21st century, the trend is nowhere near to its end. Numerous medium of advertisements has been added to the horizon like television, radio broadcasts, and digital interface. Along with this, the use of a word by a content marketing company as an influential tool has increased significantly to tap the emotions of potential customers.

In the digital frontier, the use of a specific set of words called the ‘keywords’ is significant. Thus, how content writing services employ it determines the whole game of digital marketing.

Often, marketing companies make the following mistakes while choosing keywords:

  • They choose keywords that are too broad
  • Keywords that do not have much competition
  • Ones that don’t aid in conversion
  • Keywords that don’t have enough traffic
  • Aiming higher ranks with one keyword

Instead, a content marketing company needs to take an alternative approach that will help its clients with higher ranks and higher conversion rates.

The following truths about how this game of word works in the head of the Google search engine will enable you to target the right set of keywords.

  1. More than 65% of the traffic comes for keywords the content writing services didn’t optimize for.
  2. It’s always better to appear 2nd or 3rd in the search engine result pages by using numerous long tail primary and secondary keywords. These words have the power to grab readers’ attention significantly.
  3. Keywords can help a content marketing company achieve only a fraction of their required traffic. High-quality and relatable content is what they need from writers to climb up the rank ladder.

Words: To use or not to use?

The right words bind a story and give it a definite shape. But, even professional content writers sometimes use phrases that feel like epidemic while reading. Hence, both students and professionals must avoid these following words if they want their readers to be hooked on what they have written.

  • Miracle– this often oversells. So, let’s just march past it!
  • Unique– everyone knows what you’re writing or they are reading is unique. They’ll know it even if you don’t mention it!
  • Revolutionary– use it only when the product for which you are employing the word does justice to it. Or else, don’t!
  • Exciting– it is always better to be specific by giving your reader the details of the incident than using a vague term like this one.
  • Great– this is a generic term. A content marketing company can’t appeal to its target audience by using such phrases that don’t specify the features of the product.

However, there are words that a marketing company must use while developing content. These are time-tested phrases that have been successful in arousing specific emotions among readers. Some of them are:

  • Convenient
  • Breakthrough
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Powerful
  • Thank you

If a content marketing company follows these suggestions on the power of ‘words’, then they can help their clients significantly in achieving the desired ROI and traffic.

Apart from business, one must use words to spread happiness since they have motivational capabilities. This way, we can make this world a little better to live in!

Summing it up

Therefore, by now, you must have a clear idea on how the game of word impacts a reader and a piece of content as well. So, it is better to pick your words wisely, so as to give your content that extra mileage of efficiency.