Plants need Carbon Dioxide; humans need oxygen and YouTube!

Yes, in the 21st century, owing to a robust advancement in technology, online digital platforms have become essential in the lives of millennials.

And YouTube is the winner of all!

Started as a mere video-sharing app in 2005, this platform has now become a prime marketing podium.

Let’s take a mini click-pack journey to its evolution, before delving into YouTube channel marketing.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube was launched with a vision of having a massive journal of online videos. The brainchild of Paypal’s employees was initially a website where users could upload, share and view the content of their choice.

However, with the public’s extensive use, several other dimensions of this platform came into the picture; the major being the money a user can get!

You guessed it right! YouTube has become a major earning arena, where people can earn a handsome amount of money, summing to billions every year with proper YouTube channel marketing.

Literally in billions!

Take a deep breath!

Statistics state in 2018, every minute, users upload more than 100 hours of videos in YouTube.

Moreover, daily 1 million unique users visit this platform mostly aged between 16 to 34 years.

So, undeniably YouTube has emerged as an important marketing platform with more and more of usage.

YouTube marketing tips

Who can use YouTube as a promotional medium?

  • Any company or brand may opt for this to have a global reach.
  • Various bloggers and people from creative forums are nowadays earning a substantial amount from their YouTube channels.
  • Singers, choreographers, production houses etc.
  • Educational institutes and many more.

Hope you have now gained the structural idea of the users of YouTube.

Tips for Successful YouTube Marketing

So, if you own a business irrespective of its scale, or maybe a video blogger by a full-time profession, following are the YouTube channel marketing key tips to hold an organic viewership with ample gain.

1. There’s lot in a name

Shakespeare might have said, what’s in a name, but when it comes to YouTube channel marketing strategy, there’s a lot in a name.

A name is a foremost thing that catches the audience’s sight even before your content.

Take, for example, a DIY beauty channel with a name “Quirky Make-Up Tales”, and another channel as “DIY Make-up Tips”. Now you say, which one sounds way catchier?

Obviously, the prior one!

So, having a meaningful channel name is most important before anything. Your business can have a real time profit with a catchy name.

However, the fuel to a good name must have the related keywords.

You can carry extensive research by crawling over the internet to learn all pat keywords of your business forte.

Brownie point:

If you are a brand already for many years, and in no mood to compromise with the name, make sure your title for every video has the proper keyword usage.

2. Maintain your regularity

You know what, when it comes to digital marketing in YouTube-

Being normal is weird, but regular is essential.

Starting with a YouTube channel is a great idea to promote a business, but maintaining a consistency entails commitment.

This is a significant YouTube channel marketing plan to gain new subscribers and restore the old ones.

In fact, the targeted audience finds interest in those channels; they can venture out new videos periodically.

To make the process more effective, opt for a particular day/days of a week and keep posting in the same schedule throughout the week, months, years and so on.

This practice will increase a good of a number of views in your channel.

Note: By some views, I meant something that can start with a thousand and extend up to a few hundred billion!

However, many of you must be thinking how to post regularly after having a packed schedule every day.

Stop frowning folks!

YouTube offers a cool way to hold your business accountable for consistency. It has a post-scheduling feature that allows users to post their videos even when they are away from their machines.

So, whether you are on a holiday or a victim of some unwanted situations, film your videos before, schedule them and post accordingly to enjoy an increased traffic rate.

3. Use of long tail keywords

Incorporating the correct keyword(s) in your channel name and video titles, play a disseminating role as a part of YouTube channel marketing.

Here, long-tail keywords are must, because they build a larger audience base optimising your content.

A further dissimulation:

The audience, looking for various content generally search using long phrases to describe their queries. So, marketers and business organizations are now adopting major use of long-tail keywords due to their impressive search volume.

The reason is Google now emphasising on the pushed contextual search since the launch of Hummingbird update in 2017. This eventually helps youtubers videos to have an extensive reach to their targeted viewers.

Some more FYIs:

According to a survey by ReelSEO, 55% of the Google searches show video results naturally, out of which 80% remains on YouTube.

Remember, whatever you upload on YouTube, users can access them right away from the Google SERPs.

So, the point is long-tail keywords makes a lot of sense in video searches.

Moreover, you can find related long phrases by using online tools like Ubersuggest or KeywordKeg to get the best keywords suited for your video content.

P.S.: You may also keep a close eye to your competitors’ channels to have the suitable long-tail keywords.

4. Creative content is an effective strategy

To create a sturdy subscriber-base takes creativity but to maintain and expand this base need more creativity.

People oft prefer video content because they find this medium to be engaging and personal. So, understand their requirement and produce resourceful and inventive content to have a successful YouTube channel marketing.

5. Calling up other YouTubers to collaborate

Another effective YouTube channel marketing is collaborating with other people/ youtubers who have their own audiences too.

How does the collab works?

Firstly, after optimum growth, earning a subscriber can be a tedious task. Hers’ show collaboration with other influential personalities is going to serve the purpose. In fact, collaboration is going to fetch more viewership and ads for your channel.

However, the entire point of collaboration is to make sure that each business/person gets proper credit.

For instance, world-famous YouTuber Lily Singh a.k.a. Superwoman after gaining massive popularity started to go for collab videos with other influencers and celebrities.

From Bollywood celebs to Hollywood she has done it all and the outcome? See for yourself.

She still falls into the category of top YouTubers amidst the steep competition.

Many people are open to collaboration. However, all you need to do is to the find the ones who will resonate with your desired audience.

You may choose the following steps to get the right collaborator for your YouTube channel:

a. Firstly, you need to understand your collaborator’s niche audience and how it’s going to be beneficial for you.

For instance, you have a DIY make-up channel to promote your brand, but you are collaborating with a sports personality. Not at all a good option.

Go for a viable alternative that will help you earn direct audience or the potential ones.

b. The idea is important in this aspect of YouTube channel marketing. Never opt for collaboration, if you don’t have an idea.

c. Make sure you are compatible with your fellow collaborator. The audience is no fool nowadays, and even the camera doesn’t lie.

So, share chemistry, show some love to get some love from the viewers.

6. Attractive thumbnails

To ensure that viewers will click to your video, thumbnails help a lot, rather attention-grabbing thumbnails.

This small video is undeniably the biggest factor of YouTube channel marketing strategy to successfully promote videos across the globe.

However, it is important to design a perfect thumbnail considering a few things:

  • Create a thumbnail of a size less than 2 MB with a resolution of 1280×720. Remember, low-resolution thumbnails fetch lesser clicks.
  • Aspect ratio is another thing which must be 16:9.
  • Always keep your channel logo in the thumbnail.
  • Avoid fancy when it comes to text. Use simple, crisp writing in the thumbnail.
  • Use captivating snapshots to raise the visitors.
  • Another one; upload images in GIFs, JPG, PNG and BMP formats.

Bonus Tip:

Your YouTube channel marketing requires a bit of technicality. Fret not; it’s no rocket science.

The fact is your video diary on the channel is bound to have a similar category of videos. In that case, old videos might look mundane ranking back.

However, there’s also a solution. To edit the old videos with mundane thumbnails:

Click on Edit option from Video Manager and click on Custom Thumbnail to make the necessary changes.

7. Make use of Google Analytics

Never underestimate the power of Analytics. But what makes this YouTube channel marketing strategy so essential?

The report, the analysis, the breakdown of every nitty-gritty, and all granular statistics details of your channel.

So, always keep track to your analytics report available at account’s dashboard getting an idea of the most promising audiences.

However, if you have just started, this YouTube channel marketing plan might not be effective in the initial days. As this platform entails minimum hours of users’ views and presence for giving a proper analytical breakdown.

You may seek help from other platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter vis-à-vis to get an overview of your fandom on YouTube.

With proper analytics, you will master the users’ intent and come up with posts which will always pay-off.

By the way, digging a little deeper, as a marketer, you delve into the followings questions, to make your YouTube channel marketing more productive:

Figure out which day(s) of the week in general your followers show maximum activity in the channel.

Next, keep an eye, at which time daily they are most engaged.

And lastly, learn what types of content fetch the maximum attention.

YouTube analytics will provide you with all the required ingredients to prepare a cake. All you need to do is, see the recipe and start baking.

Eh, don’t get confused. It might sound crazy, yet valuable.

Adding backlinks in video description is a constructive yet straightforward way to drive traffic to your website.

This is because; YouTube is on the way to become the second biggest search engine in the web world. Hence, here’s too SEO will rule.

The recommended method to place your website link is in the very first line of the description box. Practising it will eventually increase the chance of visiting your website by the users.

More trivia:

Experts consider this to be a prolific YouTube channel marketing plan because even if a small percentage of audience click on the link, e.g. 2%, a website than fetch around 20,000 organic visitors.

Additionally, you may simply insert a particular page of your site, instead of the home page, keeping a connection to your video content.

Many popular YouTubers oft do evaluate link quality. FYI, Google and Bing strive to find the relevance between your webpage and channel link.

9. Go heavy on optimizing your channel

The entire world is running on optimization, so is the YouTube.

Here are few tips on how to optimize to do the YouTube channel marketing at the best pace:

Link every other social media accounts, especially the ones you are most active.

Secondly, try to incorporate the most trending hashtag.

Lastly, making your videos shareable either with an emotional touch, or funny content. Invest more time in writing a good script for your channel, explain your vision and showcase the USPs.

Go heavy on call to action tone for more likes and shares, comments, channel subscriptions, and organic visitors. Successful YouTubers generally categorise call to action in the below-mentioned ways:

  • By adding it in video description – Adding CTA in the video description is the most common YouTube channel marketing strategy. For instance, at the ending note, you may add something like; “Stay connected with us and never miss an update”.
  • With direct host mentions – This is a super effective way of YouTube channel marketing leveraging your business. BuzzFeed, AIB and many more YouTube channels adapted this technique where they request the viewers to act. Eg. “Hit like and subscribe to this channel”.
  • By offering video end cards- You can also provide a CTA in a text format at the end of your videos with a clickable button.

10. Use Facebook native video uploader

YouTube channel marketing can reach an extensive level, by associating it with Facebook. Albeit people share their video links in multiple social media platforms, but studies say:

Other shared links tend to get lesser views than the one uploaded on Facebook.”

As a part of the YouTube channel marketing strategy, you need to use the native Facebook uploader tool for uploading the YouTube videos.

You can see a rise in the number of visitors with successful audience engagement.

However, remember to add a call to action in FB videos inviting them to subscribe to your channel.

And obviously as per the thumb rule of YouTube channel marketing plan, do add the link of your channel in the shared post.

11. Go short and go trendy

Think from a user’s perspective. Will you stay hooked into something as long as 15 minutes?

Well, unless and until it’s way too interesting, there’s highly unlikely any chance to the user would invest his time in a long video.

So, another important YouTube channel marketing strategy is to opt for short and crisp content.

Statistics say, the attention span of viewers is very low, and they might switch to another option with a few seconds.

Hence, master the trick to instil the short and powerful message within the first 2 minutes. Later you may break up the topic into the required segments, as the time flows.

Moreover, to make your YouTube channel marketing more niche-oriented shoot the trending most topics without a guess second. Trending topics will make you trendier.

12. Thank your subscribers

Never forget to show gratitude to your subscribers. It’s of their constant support your channel will be able to sustain in this dog-eat-dog-world market.

Thank them when you every time reach your aimed subscriptions. Make them feel you value them and their presence. This is a great way to promote subtly grabbing potential followers.

Expert of YouTube channel marketing says if a YouTuber try to maintain a habit of responding to his/her users’ reviews, it will have a direct positive impact on his fandom.

13. Hosting contests is a cool YouTube channel marketing plan

Arrange cool contests at a particular interval to leverage your YouTube channel marketing at par excellence. The next step is to declare multiple winners at once; at least 4 heads per contest.

The latter one is a witty YouTube channel marketing strategy to hold on and add-on the subscribers.

Apart from the contest, you may also host free giveaways of products winning hearts of the followers at one go.

To conclude

YouTube channel marketing is gradually changing with the pace of time. Arrange your thoughts and be a game changer by following the tips mentioned above. Keep trying out various methods and strategies to dominate this visual age.