As a cocktail of keywords, technical indicators, and website codes continue to gain ground to ensure scaled SERP, its demands do not alter much in New Year 2020. However, a potential lookout, in this context, would be that of increased competition.

As more and more individuals fathom out the significance of ‘featured snippet’, a majority are busy rummaging for strategies on SEO in 2020. The ulterior aim is to spread out across the digital realm, and consequently, reach out to the maximum prospective clients.

Why a Scuttle for Strategies on SEO in 2020?

Substantiating this endeavour of catching up with the SEO trends for 2020 is the growing importance of the e-commerce platform –

SEO in 2020

Thus, in case you are not a part of the top search results, you are losing out on the sales, clicks and leads to your competitors. With the growing competition, and rapidly emerging competitors, can you afford to do that?

Here is something that will make the journey less cumbersome for you – a list of SEO tips in 2020 to set your business straight, irrespective of the genre of your trade. Read on!

Check Out the Top 3 Tips for SEO in 2020!

While Google aims to be the end-destination of their user’s search journey, SEO in 2020 is set to undergo a significant transformation. Much of this can be attributed to the changing face of the SEO landscape.

As a never-ending spiral of 2020 trends continues to unfurl, here are a few of them that you need to include in your list of SEO tips.

  • Tip 1: All Hail Featured Snippets
Featured Snippets

A roadmap to featured snippets are getting all the more significant while statistics substantiate its importance in boosted conversion rates.

As approximately 11.52% of all search results come with a featured snippet, there is a boosted importance to follow these pointers and gain a spot on Rank Zero in SERP –

a) Structure your data and ensure that it is featured snippet-ready.

b) Incorporate keywords that are there in the content listed under the snippets.

  • Tip 2: Quality content – Priority!

Irrespective of the advancement in the digital platform, one factor remains evergreen – the quality of content. Accordingly, it remains under a list of SEO strategy 2020 to watch out for. This content that remains hailed across the digital realm is characterised for being –

  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Helpful

While predictions go that online ads are progressing to become more expensive in 2020, having a well-researched content is a must. A useful inclusion for boosted ranking would be adding a storytelling angle that incorporates the much-required touch of personalisation.

  • Tip 3: AI – a new-fangled wave

A necessary inclusion in the list of SEO tips for 2020, Artificial Intelligence is all that the SEO town is talking about. Creating unique and personalised content for search engines and its users, AI has now brought with it the trending voice search optimization that most content writing companies are seeking to include.

Focusing on boosting local SEO and catching up on the trends on smart speakers, VSO is rapidly gaining ground in the list of SEO tips in the year 2020.

Voice Search
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Taking a cue from this, the top content writing agency have necessarily made a few alterations and inclusions in their provided content by including the below 2020 SEO trends–

  1. Long-tail keywords
  2. Local SEO-based content
  3. Conversation content
  4. Draw a high rank in search results
  5. Incorporate question-answer in content
FAQ Pages

Following up with such guidelines on SEO ensures catching up on the featured snippet and hence becoming the most preferred search result for those search over voice inputs.

Among all the 2020 SEO trends in the discussion, this is one of the most popular ones and fetches boosted conversion sales in terms of its improved marketing tips. While multiple SEO tools help you to make the most of this trend, taking the help of content writing companies would be ideal.

Considering their expertise over the topic, they would be more efficient in incorporating the SEO mentioned above guidelines 2020. Additionally, with their team of pro writers, the research for SEO trends would be adequate.

They can ensure that you have –

  • Increased organic traffic
  • Boosted business revenue
  • Elevated conversion rate with their innovative SEO strategies

-with their improved SEO tips in 2020.

With such latest SEO strategy in 2020 and many more, at your disposal, you are in for a future-ready content that would ensure your assured chances at propelling your business scope.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab on to the best trends for SEO in 2020, and let this New Year start on with an edge over your competitors!