Blogging is still one of the most game-changing tools for a business. But, a few think that its time is gone. Well, we beg to differ. There are still a variety of functions that your average blog will serve. 

In this blog, however, we will not go into what functions and benefits blogging has for businesses, but we will look at how beneficial blogging can be from an SEO point of view.  

Let’s jump straight to the importance of blogs for SEO. 

What are the Top 5 Advantages of Blogging? 

Among various benefits ranging from brand building to establishing thought leadership, there are some SEO benefits to blogging. Here are a few of them: 

1. Increased Visibility

Blogging enables you to reach a wider range of search queries. It gives you the freedom to go deep into a subject matter that can satisfy search queries and be of genuine help. The search engine loves helpful content.  

2. Easier to Rank for Specific Keywords

According to Intergrowth’s statistical study, 86% of people ignore paid ads and choose organic search results – it only goes on to emphasize the importance of blog for SEO. So, if you invest time and resources into your blog crafting around the right keywords, grabbing people’s attention would be easy.  

Backlinks are one of the key indicators of trustworthiness and authoritativeness. In the SERP it works exactly how fame or reputation works in the real world. They justify you as an authoritative and reputed entity in the market. Hence, by crafting quality blogs and writing effective guest posts you can gradually collect backlinks and ensure content marketing ROI

4. More Indexed Pages

More pages on your site are always better from an SEO perspective. However, the number simply would not give you any advantage. Blogging is simply the best organic way to increase the number of pages and be of constant help to people.   

5. Internal and External Linking

Internal linking helps your readers and Google navigate your website and establish a hierarchy. With external links, you can increase your content’s authenticity which is also a positive indicator for search engine bots. These are important for SEO. And there is nothing like blogging that will enable you to do that. 

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