While there are many perks of operating B2B only, maintaining a steady flow of clients can be a bit hectic affair. Especially when you are not an easily recognisable brand – cracking the method for how to get clients for a software company turns out pretty difficult.  

Well, worry not! We are here to help you out with that. You take care of building high-quality software and services and let us help you crack the marketing tactics. 

Check out our efficient tips on how software startup companies can increase client acquisition by leveraging online marketing strategies. 

Top 9 Effective Ways to Attract Software Clients

Your company might be great at offering software solutions. However, utilizing the right client attraction strategy in the tech industry is vital for your company’s survival. 

And in today’s tech-connected world, there is no way but to fall back on different online marketing tools for software startups. 

So, let these tried-and-tested methods guide you to increase the visibility of your software company across the internet. 

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1. Expand your Professional Networks

A major part of B2B client acquisition is establishing trustworthiness. Would you trust any random person to audit your sensitive codes? No, we guess. The same applies to your clients as well. Here is why, building and expanding your professional network is essential. 

Reaching out to entrepreneurs on LinkedIn, interacting with them, and contributing to web forums in your domain with helpful content – these factors contribute to enhance your reputation. 

Instead of taking a sales-centric approach to client acquisition, try to produce helpful content that actually helps people – thereby encouraging them to convert. 

2. Create Informational Content

As a robust foundation is the building block of a skyscraper, the same applies to the software industry as well. Before actually trying to get clients for your software company, laying the groundwork is essential. That begins with content. 

Having a robust network of content in your online platforms is essential to command authority and showcase reliability to prospective clients. By offering SEO optimized and value-driven articles to their audience, a software company communicates trust that helps in securing and retaining clients.  

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3. Business Listing

First of all start by showcasing your products and services to different business directories and marketplaces. For instance, MemberClicks, Wild Apricot, and Directorist are some of the most trusted software directory companies by clients. 

They help you build your online presence and generate brand awareness for potential clients. Apart from being a quality lead generation tool, such directory postings send valuable trust signals to prospective buyers about your reliability. 

4. Host Events to Draw Clients

In B2B operations, webinars, podcasts, and Q&As works as potent tools to exhibit your authority in the industry. If you consider some of the SaaS giants like Oracle and Microsoft, one common feature among all of them is their commitment to sharing knowledge and education. 

Aside from making your software company the thought leader in the domain, such online events are great platforms to interact with your competitors and potential clients. Podcasts, as we already know, is arguably the best tool for networking. 

So, choose relevant and engaging topics from your industry and host your star-studded events and lead the conversation like a true leader – you cannot get wrong with this one. 

5. Offer Freemiums

When you are trying to boost your lead generation process, one of the effective ways to generate qualified leads is by offering stuff for free to the visitors. First of all, offering value for absolutely free communicates your commitment to delivering quality service to the customers. It also lets you highlight your unique value proposition and test its utility in the market.

Market leaders in SEO, Semrush, for example, extend a series of comprehensive course packages that educate people on the best SEO practices and how to use their services.  

Also, by offering quality information, you win the trust of the visitor – aside from getting their contact details as well. Now you may go ahead and chase the leads with more value-oriented articles. This in turn helps you create a robust brand impression. Needless to say, it also allows you to guide prospective clients to different stages of the marketing funnel and convert them effectively.

6. Social Media Marketing

Not only for B2C but even B2B businesses like software companies can leverage different social media platforms to maximise their brand position in the market and generate leads. Sure, LinkedIn helps, but did you know you can use X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram to ensure you reach the maximum number of people? 

It surely gives an impactful nudge to your brand value and creates a solid online presence. Apart from generating potential leads, this is also a good way to create awareness among the potential audience and capture them at the very top of the funnel. 

Once you have captured the TOFU audience, converting them with valuable software industry-related content can be fairly straightforward.

7. Seek Referrals 

In the B2B industry, trust is a significant factor that guides the journey of your business. For most companies, this plays a huge part in hiring a service provider where they look for recommendations from trusted sources before committing. 

So, you can start by asking your existing clients to refer you to their peers or showcase their reviews or feedback on your website to indicate legitimacy and authoritative position in the market. 

One may go one step further to encourage the clients to refer you to their network by implementing referral-based freemium models. As part of this, they may get access to additional features or extend their trial period by referring to friends. 

8. Contribute Guest Posts to Peers’ Website

Increasing website traffic is one of the sure-shot ways to increase your conversions. Especially when dealing in a niche sector like software & IT, your target group already becomes narrow. 

One way is to use B2B content writing to attract traffic from other sites in your industry. You can reach out to your peers to request them for guest post submission. Apart from driving traffic, guest post submission is also an impactful way to generate backlinks to your website. It’s an important SEO factor and helps in increasing your domain authority. 

So tread lightly on the path as irrelevant backlinks may even hurt your website position on the SERP. 

9. Outreach via Emails & Newsletters

To get clients for your software company, the marketing campaign needs to be continuous and consistent with your brand identity. By performing potential client outreach via mail along with sending periodic newsletters you can keep the messaging continuous. 

It allows you to convert dormant leads and keeps you relevant in the industry by posting helpful stuff. 


Having taken a look at some of the effective strategies to get clients for a software company, you should be able to transition to the content-led new age marketing campaign. The trick to ensure qualified lead generation online is prioritising your prospective clients first and addressing their pain points. 

With such a value-oriented approach, you can climb up the SERP ladder and emerge as a thought leader among your peers – the path to sustained lead generation for your company.