While website contents have endless potential, the topics for them are actually finite in number. On the way to harnessing the several benefits of content, new writers often get clueless looking for content writing topics. With so much content already available through the internet, it is hard to come up with new topics – we get it! 

However, the expert writers’ hack to producing awesome content is not spending energy on coming up with something brand new. Instead, we create new content by merging different ideas to create something totally unique to serve our requirements. 

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List of Topics for Content Writing

Here is a list of some of the most well-performing content writing topics around the world. Choose the best one as per your niche of expertise and target audience to never run out of topics ever again! 

1. How-To Articles

how to content

How-to contents are like the chocolates of online content, the internet is full of them but still, people don’t seem to get enough of them! They are most useful to guide users on accomplishing a task, whether it is to wear a bow tie or to replace the light bulb of a wall fixture – how-to articles are a lifesaver for many!

Readability and easy explanations are the driving forces of how-to articles; ensure that the instructions have all the details. Also, consider getting an external opinion on your how-to content to gauge if it is easy to understand by the readers. 

2. Listicle Articles

listicle article

Listicles are among the most well-performing types of content on the internet. Websites like BuzzFeed rose to fame with the “10 most popular sitcom characters in TV” kind of content. The primary benefit of listicle articles is their easy readability. 

They are also useful when you are running out of ideas to write a blog. When you make a list, it helps the reader process the information as quickly as possible. That is why it shows 

3. DIY Contents

DIY content

Do-it-yourself blogs are good to engage and attract a creative audience. They drive a high number of traffic on a regular basis and record above average session time. If you are looking to engage your readers, insert plenty of images and clear instructions for easy understanding.

Also, you can optimise the topics for DIY content writing for your domain of audience. Collaborate with the other players associated with your industry to build a robust network of links via DIY articles and blogs. 

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4. Current Affairs

current affairs

When browsing for content writing topics, you do not necessarily have to produce a completely new topic. Let’s face it; conjuring up brand-new topics is not always feasible when you are blogging for a business. Also, you don’t always have to!

Take your inspiration from current events around the world and shape it around your domain of expertise. This allows you to post relevant content and never run out of ideas. For instance, as a content marketing company, we have recently published an informational piece on Instagram Threads. The idea behind such posts is to give your take on the recent events around your domain and make it your own. 

5. Industry News

industry news

You can always inform the readers about the new developments in your industry. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, producing content that keeps the audience updated about recent events is useful to create a good rapport. 

Meanwhile, if your goal is to use the content for organic marketing – incorporate your products and services and do its bidding to produce effective results and drive attention. 

6. Food and Beverage

food content

Most people love food and surely love to read a lot about them. With food-related content, the options are virtually endless and it is also one of those content writing topics suitable for beginners. Whether it is new recipes or interesting anecdotes and history of food – all have a strong base of readers and help you take off your blogging efforts. 

7. Tours and Travels

tours & travels content

People love to travel! So, it is little surprise that tourism blogs are particularly famous in the blogosphere. Share your personal experiences of your tours if you are writing for your own blog and website. 

For established businesses, offer your readers tour plans and itineraries and inform them about the latest places to explore. These blogs also provide a good opportunity to earn a bit by placing affiliate marketing links. 

8. Health & Fitness

health & fitness content

One of the thriving industries in the content marketing field, healthcare blogs have a considerable amount of readers. As almost 77% of internet users refer to online information as a reliable source. 

Inform your readers about the latest developments in the fitness sector and share tricks and tips to remain active. You can write about effectively managing your metabolism through the day and share diet-related tips to help your readers. 

9. Tutorials

tutorial content

When you post tutorials like how to use a vacuum cleaner or to reboot a frozen PC it contributes real value to the audience. Make sure that the information you are producing is relevant to your field. Otherwise, it may dilute your audience base and hamper your credibility. 

You could also use tutorials to help users navigate through your own services and products. It reduces your overall support costs and also helps you get out of the crisis of new content writing topics on your website. 

10. Facts vs Myth 

facts vs myth content

The Internet is full of well-established myths like we only use 10% of our brain. Or the popular conception of bulls getting angry when they see the colour red. A comparative take between the myths and the facts behind them proves an engaging read. 

With the internet being dominated by fake news and misinformation – myth-buster content shows good performance on social media platforms.

11. Fun Facts and Contents

fun facts & content

Interesting and fun facts can be your go-to writing strategy when facing doubts about the topics for content writing. You could share information about your domain or break the barriers and venture into other general avenues. 

After all according to HubSpot, 49% of the consumers say that they always enjoy funny content and are also the most memorable. Using humour is a great way to promote your brand and make people remember it. 

12. Educational Content

educational content

People use the internet as their go-to place for knowledge. Gone are those days when textbooks used to be the only source of knowledge. If you publish information-rich, high-quality content, it tends to create goodwill for your brand in the market. 

When writing educational content, the first priority should be to simplify the subject matter for your audience. And make sure to cite your sources wherever required to maintain transparency and offer authentic information.  

13. Climate Change

content on climate change

As one of the most pressing issues of the planet, environment and climate-related content have a separate niche audience. It has transformed the relationship between audiences and enterprises. In the larger context, such contents also help you establish your business as a socially responsible entity.

14. Inspirational Content

inspirational content

As we know, strategic placement of blogs and articles can maximise your content marketing ROI. But sometimes we need to adopt a silent marketing strategy, and that is where inspirational content shines the brightest. 

Blend your products and services with inspirational stories that have the potential to impact the life of your readers. You can use social media content or other PR outlets to spread your word. Inspirational contents tend to leave a lasting impact and motivate people to take action.

15. Seasonal News

seasonal content

The cardinal rule of content writing is to be dynamic. Otherwise, the marketing strategies fail to produce the much needed spark of engagement. Your approach to the subject matter and strategies should adapt to changing seasons. Write around festivals and seasons – for instance, ‘Spring Fashion Trends’ to get the much-needed freshness in your content repertoire. 

While we are at it, you may also take upon this opportunity to declare a seasonal sale on your prices to give a reason to your dormant readers to convert. 

16. Reviews 

review content

Review types of contents have the potency to showcase creative writing skills to the audience. Film and literature reviews are really useful to engage readers from fields of culture and arts. 

Even when writing in specialised fields like finance and healthcare – review articles communicate expertise and authority. Based on your field, you can develop on an established idea to give your unique insights into the field. 

17. Year in Review

year in review

At the end of the year, offering a summarised view of the events is a good way to attract new visitors to your website. It is also useful to reach out to your occasional audience. To ensure the best output, produce a newsletter around your content and use it to reach out to your dormant audience. 

18. Case Studies

case studies

Case studies are always a convenient way to establish your authority and problem-solving skills in your domain of business. They serve you in times of creative crises and you cannot go wrong in this. Let your readers know about the ways you have dealt with roadblocks and difficulties and improve your brand image and credibility in the market. 

19. Hacks & Trade Secret

hacks & trade secret

Business ideals have evolved rapidly in the recent years, rather than secrets and gatekeeping we are looking at a fraternal approach to be the leading trend. You can follow the content writing trends by sharing a few hacks associated with your business. 

It gives you an edge over your competitors as a more transparent entity in the market. Also, you become a thought leader with such gestures. So do make sure to implement it!

20. Fashion blogging

fashion blogs

This is industry specific and only holds ground if you are a B2C operator. The good news is fashion blogs get instant attention from the audience and unlike other genres of content, they tend to produce the results sooner. This is also a good way to build links to your website and earn some money through affiliate marketing. 

21. AI & Technology

content on AI

Thanks to ChatGPT, AI has been the talk of the town for the last few months. But that is not the only AI that is available in the market. There are a lot of niche AI tools and apps that are very helpful to boost productivity. Educate your audience regarding the several AI tools and platforms by writing about their benefits and usage. 

Since content writing topics on technology are a popular niche of online content, you would want to capitalise on them to attract the tech-savvy audience and boost your brand value. 

22. Interviews

interview content

Hosting interviews is one of the simplest ways to increase the number of content on your website. It is among the popular strategies by content marketers to diversify their portfolio of content on their websites. By inviting celebrated people from your industry, you get the chance to improve your professional networks, get other people’s opinions and while also offering exclusive content for your business. 

They are also beneficial to attract new audiences. Since interviews provide the opportunity for two-way communications –it proves to be a more engaging read. 

23. Entrepreneurship

content on entrepreneurship

Google puts special emphasis and preference on people who share information from their own domain and experience. So, as a business owner, it is always preferable when you share practical tips and bits of experience. First-hand insights on navigating through the challenges of starting a new business are always welcome and have the potential to dominate the market.  


Apart from all the content writing topics mentioned above, you can repurpose your well-performing blogs and articles with updated data and information. Social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Instagram are also good places to get inspiration for your content. When writing content on a regular basis, it can haphazard very quickly. To ensure all operations remain smooth, incorporate a content calendar in your regular schedule to prevent duplication and missing out on contents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find the best topics?

You can find the best topics from various places including Google Search, Topic Research Tool, and Competitor Websites. Google Analytics is also a good place to identify performance metrics and find the best content writing topics for your website. 

2. What is the top Google Search in India?

According to Statista’s report, a large number of internet users in India look for video content on a regular basis. Just after that, people searched for online lottery betting. 

3. What are good blog topics?

Some good topics to write blogs on are movie reviews, celebrity interviews and art and culture. They are popular in the market and attract a considerable number of readers every day. 

4. What kind of blog should I start?

In recent years, blogging has lifted off for the following topics – health and lifestyle, finance and e-commerce and online shopping platforms. They report a steady amount of visitors on a regular basis. 

5. Is it hard to write content?

Content writing can be a challenging field as it requires you to learn a great deal about several topics to write. However, it can be rewarding as well once a reputation is established in the market. 

6. What is inspirational content for a brand?

By capturing real people and their inspiring association with your products and services, you create inspirational content. It communicates trustworthiness while celebrating your vision and commitment to your job – helping emerge your company as an inspiring brand. 

7. What should be the structure of a blog?

There are four different sections of a blog – i) the title, which gives you a brief idea of the blog at a glance, ii) the introduction, which informs the readers on what to expect from the blog; iii) the body, which discusses the topic in detail and iv) the conclusion, which ends the topic by summarising the content in a few words.  

8. What are the most popular article topics?

Some of the most well-performing article topics on the internet are Global Warming, Climate Change, Corruption, Women Empowerment, Yoga and Mind Healing. 

9. How do I choose the content topic for my website?

The best way is to choose your content writing topics based on your expertise and the target group of audience that you intend to serve with your content. 

10. What are the best content writing topics for beginners?

For the people beginning in the content writing industry, one should always start with something simple and straightforward – consider writing on entertainment topics and fashion and lifestyle blogs as they require minimal expertise. As you start to get habituated with the way of writing, you can venture into other fields like education, industry and finance.