Digital marketing is all about getting better ROI by increasing brand visibility. This is because the digital platforms have maximum reach to potential customers. The more visibility a brand gets, the more profit it generates. Therefore, the audience or users are more important in digital marketing. Thus, creating compelling content for the users is the main aim of digital marketing. 

When users are convinced with the approach of brands, they will pay back the brands by giving reviews. These reviews are important for brands to heighten their values. Here comes the concept of user-generated content.

What is User Generated Content?

User-generated content is brand-specific content that the users or customers usually generate. Therefore, this content comes from testimonials, videos, reviews, etc. The user-generated content comes from different sources, such as:

  1. Brand Followers

They are the most important pillar of a brand’s digital presence. Followers or loyalists are the enthusiasts who can support your brand when needed. In addition, they also write convincing reviews that will attract more customers.

  1. Employees

There is no other substitute than a dedicated team of employees. If they post their happy working moments in the office, they eventually make a better impression of that brand, among others.

  1. Customers

Business owners can ask customers to give reviews on them. Therefore, the reviews with satisfaction will reflect the brand marketing. As a business owner, gaining positive customer reviews are must.

User-generated content is important because it shows a customer’s journey across a brand’s services. It enhances credibility and ensures maximum conversion rate. The next segment will explain if you are wondering about the types of user-generated content.

What are the Types of user-generated Content?

The types of customer-generated content are as follows:

  1. Social Media Content

Social media is a place where anyone can talk about different things. Here people share different photos and videos regularly. Here the discussions can have an infinite range; therefore, this is an impressive source for getting user-generated content. Any social media post, be it an Instagram post or a tweet, can be an example of UGC.

  1. Blog Posts

Blogging is a popular means of content marketing nowadays. Therefore, if a brand targets potential bloggers to say about their brands, it will be a great type of user-generated content. For example, a beauty blogger can help generate UGC for cosmetic brands. In addition, blogging can also be useful in B2B marketing for its credible approach.

  1. Testimonials and Reviews

Any customer reviews on third-party sites, for example, TripAdvisor or Yelp, are considered User-generated content. In addition, feedbacks are also important means of credibility of a service or product.

  1. QnA Forums

The Q&A platforms like Quora can be a source of user-generated content where one can subtly promote the businesses.

  1. Videos

Videos like Instagram stories or reels, GoPro videos, etc., are considered UGC because they can promote different products and services in an engaging tone.

Therefore, these are the sources of customer-generated content that can be helpful for the brands to spread their values. Hence, digital marketers can follow certain practices to gain positive UGC from these sources. These are discussed below.

User Generated Content Best Practices

The most common practices for gaining user-generated content are as follows:

  1. Choosing the Right Platform

Brands should always understand their needs before choosing a platform for user-generated content. It depends on which type of customer they want to attract. For example, if a brand sells jewellery products, then Instagram will be perfect for it. This is because of the catchy visual appeal and the type of audience of the platform.

In addition, the brands can add them to other platforms after a prime one. This will channel the traffic from one platform to another.

  1. UGC in Content Marketing

UGC is a type of content that can also be helpful for content marketing. It can be used and repurposed in different site content types. Therefore, it is responsible for getting more audience and optimum brand awareness. An example of implementing UGC can be in the following ways,

  • Using different UGC in different types of content
  • Presenting them in a way that they promote certain products and services

Therefore, finding which type of UGC content can perform well in content marketing is recommended. In this case, one can take help from professional website content writing services.

  1. Using UGC in Different Channels

As discussed earlier, there are different types of user-generated content. So, the marketers must understand which type of UGC can be featured on which platform. For example, if it is a video, then Instagram will be the perfect place to post it. On the other hand, in the case of reviews, it can perform better on product pages. So it always depends on the better choice of marketers.

  1. Traditional vs UGC Marketing 

The traditional mode of advertising is attractive, yet the audience always finds ways to bypass these. Therefore, one must concentrate on making the advertisements more native by inserting user-generated content.

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of their decision-making ability. They don’t simply rely on traditional advertising; they need proof of their choice. So UGC marketing is a better option for marketers to discuss their credibility. 

Hence, to do UGC marketing properly, one can take the help of effective tools. The next segment will talk about this.

User Generated Content Tools

The tools to handle user-generated content effectively are,

  1. UGC Rights Management

This software can help to preserve the copyrights and policies of content. Therefore, for any security issues regarding UGC, one can help with this.

  1. UGC Display Tool

Display tools can help to present the reviews interestingly in front of the users. With the obvious benefits, it can help in social reach.

  1. UGC Content Software

It can help share content, organise content and manage the whole process effectively.

Thus, user-generated content can be a real-time solution for digital marketers to market their business properly. The benefits of UGC are as follows:

  • It is a social proof
  • UGC is an example of great visuals 
  • It gives better ROI
  • It helps to build credibility.


To perform optimum in this digital era, one has to perform user-generated content marketing properly. It is the brand value that matters the most in digital marketing. Therefore, choosing UGC marketing can be a beneficial option for every brand.