Content writing is one of the crucial ways to convey important information to the target audience. The information can be about any product, service, news, technology, etc.

A well-optimised and researched content will grab the reader’s attention and enhance the user experience.

If you are looking for a professional content writer, you may have confusion between hiring a content writing agency and a freelancer for your business.

You can read this article to understand the difference between a content writing agency vs freelancer and which one to choose.

What are the Differences Between Content Writing Agency vs Freelancer?

As business owners require a lot of content for their websites, it often confuses them about whom they must hire for their requirements. Here are some of the differences between a content writing agency and a freelancer:

1. Quality of Content

high quality content

Quality content is the most important parameter to consider when you are outsourcing the content creation task. It differs from company to company and from one freelancer to another freelancer.

  • Content Writing Agency

In the debate of a content writing agency vs freelancer, content writing agencies provide quality content to their clients. They have specialised in-house teams experienced in creating unique content

They have an individual editor for every project who checks the content for grammatical and spelling errors. Moreover, they also inspect the overall quality of the content before delivering it to their client. They also provide plagiarised free content, which will help you to get a higher rank in the search engines.

  • Freelance Writer

In the case of freelance writers, they can give you quality content related to only one specific industry. They also shortfall in social media, SEO and other marketing skills.

Furthermore, if you hire a freelance writer, there are fewer chances that you will get properly optimised content that will attract traffic to your website. In some cases, freelancers outsource their work and submit plagiarised content to their clients.

2. Scalability of Content

content scaling

It is another point of difference between a content writing agency vs freelancer. When you start outsourcing your content, there will be times when you want to increase your content requirement to reach a wide range of audience.

  • Content Writing Agency

If you opt for a content writing agency for content creation services, they can handle a large volume of work. They have more resources, experienced teams and can scale the production depending on your requirements. 

Furthermore, if your requirement is huge, they will assign different teams to the project. They will ensure that it gets delivered on time without compromising the quality.

  • Freelance Writer

Freelancers work as self-employed individuals and handle various clients at the same time. If you approach them for content scalability, they might not fulfil your requirement as one person has to do all the work.

Therefore, you will require hiring multiple freelancers for your project. It will affect the overall quality of your content as they will have different tonality and writing styles. Moreover, it will increase your budget for content creation. 

3. Communication with Writers

interpersonal communication

Proper communication is mandatory when you are outsourcing your content creation work. It will help you get quality content for your website. Therefore, the communication process differs in content writing agency vs freelancer.

  • Content Writing Agency

Agencies have good communication networks that help you to get quality content from their professional writers. You can easily coordinate with the team and writers working on your project and give them inputs directly. 

Moreover, you can also seek suggestions from them on optimising your website appropriately and areas you need to target to bring traffic to your webpage.

  • Freelance Writer

On the other hand, you can communicate with the writer directly. In some aspects, it is beneficial for you, as you can build a working relationship with the writer. 

However, contacting or communicating with a freelance writer can be difficult sometimes. Since they prefer a remote working system, you cannot connect with them for content requirements. It results in project delays and affects the overall quality of the content.  

4. Cost of the Content

content production cost

According to a study by AI Multiple, 75% of large business owners outsource their content creation work. So when you want to outsource your content creation, the price will be one of the utmost consideration factors. However, you must choose the one that offers quality content at an affordable price cover. 

  • Content Marketing Agency

Outsourcing the content creation for your business to an agency will be costly compared to a freelancer’s fees. However, it will be a perfect content marketing investment as it will help you get a better return on investment in the long term. 

Furthermore, we provide content writing services at an affordable price range. We provide quality content which is engaging and will grab the attention of your target audience. 

  • Freelance Writer

Hiring a freelancer for your content requirement can be cost-effective. They usually charge on an hourly basis. 

Although the fees are less, the content quality might not be according to your requirement. It will cost you in the long run and will not be a better investment option. 

5. Time Frame

time frame

Getting your project on time is the basic thing that you want. However, the time frame related to delivery differs in a content writing agency vs a freelancer.

  • Content Writing Agency

For content writing agencies, on-time delivery of projects is their utmost priority. They ensure that the projects are not delayed and are delivered to the client on the delivery date. 

If you have massive content requirements and the delivery is urgent, they will assign other professional writers to do the task. These skilled writers will write the content with the same proficiency to make on-time delivery.

In addition, you even contact us for any content writing services, as we provide tailored content to our clients that help them to attain higher SERP rankings.

  • Freelance Writer

Opting for a freelance writer for your business’s content creation might not be an ideal choice related to the time frame. They usually take time to craft an article or a blog, which delays the submission date. 

Therefore, it eventually delays the whole process of uploading on your website. It affects your ranking in search engines, which leads to less audience engagement. 

6. Framework

content framework

Another difference between a content writing agency vs freelancer is the framework. A proper framework is required for quality and unique content creation.

  • Content Writing Agency

When it comes to content writing companies, they have a proper framework or infrastructure for their content requirement. 

They have content planning and editorial calendars and multiple writing strategies. In addition, they also follow the consistency of writing and do not give on the overall quality of the content. 

They also use various content checker tools to scrutinise any errors in the article or blogs. In addition, you can also ask them to include visual content. It includes adding images, videos, infographics etc., to your content, as according to AI Multiple, it brings 94% more traffic to your website.

  • Freelance Writer

On the other hand, freelance writers usually do not follow any particular framework for writing content. It will be challenging for you to track and get updates on the project. 

Moreover, they do not use any additional tools to check the overall quality of the content. They generally write the content according to their understanding and deliver the project to their client.

7. Areas of Expertise

content expertise

Expert and professional writers are mandatory when it comes to content creation. If you do not hire an expert, you may not achieve a higher rank in the search engines and cannot outrank your competition.

  • Content Writing Agency

Hiring a content writing agency will give a wide range of experienced and professional writers. These writers have the utmost skill to develop well-optimised content for your audience. They have expertise in each niche and craft content according to the business’s requirements.

In addition, they also will suggest you new blog ideas for your business that will help you to outrank your competition. It will also help you to reach a wide range and new audiences.

Moreover, at Das Writing Services, we have experienced teams in each segment who can craft content according to your business. It will help you increase your website’s ranking and outrank your competition. 

  • Freelance Writer

There is a difference in expertise in content writing agency vs freelancer. Freelance writers usually have one area of expertise. They can craft content for you in their niche of expertise. It will help you to get your content quickly. 

However, if you want them to have a diverse writing style or multiple areas of expertise, they cannot fulfil your requirement. When you require less content for your website, you can approach a freelance content writer in your niche.

Now that you know the difference between content writing agency vs freelancer, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of hiring them.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring: Content Writing Agencies vs Freelancers?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a content writing agency vs a freelancer for your business:

Content Writing Agency

One of the benefits of hiring a content writing agency is that they will provide you with optimised content which will give you long-term returns. They can handle huge volume of work and has a clear communication network. 

However, all these come at an expense which is usually high. It might be a Herculean task for you to find a perfect agency that fulfils all your needs. 

Nevertheless, we will help you with this thing. We provide high-quality contents which are search engine optimised that will help you achieve higher ranks in Google. 

Freelance Writer

The main advantage of hiring a freelance writer is that they do not charge a lot of money compared to an agency. Furthermore, they have flexible work hours, unlike an agency. 

However, their skills may not be suitable for complex projects and topics, and if required, they cannot handle an immense work volume. Since they lack proper structuring, you cannot contact them if you want any changes in your content.

Whom Should You Hire: Content Writing Agency vs Freelancer?

agency vs freelance: hiring parametres

In the debate of content writing agency vs freelancer, choosing the correct one will depend on your content requirement. When you are deciding this, you need to consider the following points:

1. Budget

You need to have a look at your budget, as outsourcing content creation to a company is expensive. If you have financial constraints, you can hire a freelancer, as they are more affordable than a company.

2. Quality

If you have an abundant budget for content creation and quality content is your priority, you must outsource it to a content writing agency. They have experienced writers with multiple skill sets that help you to get quality content for your audience.

3. Huge Content Requirement

When you have a large content requirement, you must outsource it to content writing agencies. They have multiple teams that work on various projects simultaneously, maintaining the overall quality of the project.

4. Services

When you want well-optimised content for your website, you should hire a content writing agency. They offer multiple services like SEO content writing, informative article, proofreading and editing. In addition, they even use premium tools like Copyscape, Grammarly and Yoast to check the overall quality of the file.

Final Takeaway

Hence, there are several differences between content writing agency vs freelancer. But choosing the right one for your business according to your business requirement will help you boost the brand value. Uploading quality content on your website will attract more traffic and lead to buyer engagement.

Thereby, if you want to make your content more engaging and provide unique information to your audience related to business, you can contact us.

Also, if you are not a fan of reading long posts, here is a short video for you explaining the top 5 advantages of consulting a writing agency for content writing!