LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to connect with professionals in the industry and find jobs or provide jobs. It is not just a digital resume but it is also a dynamic platform where professionals can connect, engage, and share ideas. If you have been wondering what to post on LinkedIn to make the most of this networking opportunity, you are in the right place. 

In this blog, we will talk about several different LinkedIn post ideas that are simple to create yet effective, helping you craft engaging content without running out of ideas. So ensure to read along to know about all of them. 

13 LinkedIn Post Ideas For Your Next Post

Mentioned below are some LinkedIn post ideas that you can take inspiration from:

1. Share Your Success Stories 

People love to hear success stories and connect with it on a personal level. Share your professional accomplishments, whether it is a project you successfully completed, an award you received, or a milestone your company achieved. Keep it humble but inspiring so that it does not look as if you are bragging about yourself. 

To write a success story that performs well, start with a good introduction and then add the problem that was faced by your customer and how your product helped them and end your story with a call to action.

If you want to post on LinkedIn from a business account, you can share success stories like acquisition of new clients or increase in the number of customers. We leverage this type of LinkedIn post for our business account on LinkedIn. You can see that almost every month we have posted on LinkedIn to share our new client acquisition report.

LinkedIn post to share new client acquisition of Das Writing Services
LinkedIn Post About Success Story

2. Try to Write Educational Content

LinkedIn is a place where professionals and individuals seek knowledge from posts. Share informative articles or posts, industry insights, or quick tips related to your field. Sharing relevant and valuable information establishes you as an expert in your niche and people will refer to your profile if they have information. 

While writing educational content it is important that you define your niche, research properly and write in concise and easy to understand language. That way readers will prefer your content over people who write in complex sentences. 

Education posts on LinkedIn can be in the form of a simple written post with an image or infographics, a carousel or video content.

Following is an example of how educational LinkedIn post should be like:

educational post on LinedIn
Educational Posts on LinkedIn

3. Write Behind the Scene Scenarios of Your Company

Give your audience a glimpse on what goes behind the scenes in your company. Share photos or stories that showcase your company’s culture, values, and team spirit. It humanises your brand and attracts like minded professionals. People will feel as if they know your brand personally and feel more connected to you. 

Behind the scenes cases are easy to write as they do not need to be perfect. They should be presented as it is without any extra fillers so you can also use quirky language while writing.

Here is how Ahrefs, a leading SEO tool company, shares behind the scenes photos on LinkedIn:

Example of LinkedIn post of Ahrefs sharing behind the scenes
Behind the Scenes LinkedIn Posts of Ahrefs

Engage your audience by asking questions related to your industry or current events going on in the world. Encourage discussions and exchange of ideas. For example, “What do you think the future of remote working looks like?” or What is Google E-E-A-T. These types of thought provoking questions will help in better engagement and also build your credibility. 

When writing questions in your post, always ensure that you also provide the answer to the question from your point of view as well and avoid being too opinionated.

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5. Celebrate Milestones Through Posts 

Whether it is your work anniversary, your company’s birthday, or reaching a certain number of followers, celebrate milestones with your network. It is a great way to show gratitude and connect with your audience. Additionally, your audience will also get to know about your success and milestones and will be able to connect with your brand. 

You can share your journey on how you reached that particular milestone and the hardships or challenges you faced along the way and how you overcame them. 

6. Recommendations and Testimonials

If you have had a positive experience working with someone, give them a shoutout by writing a recommendation or testimonial through a LinkedIn post. It will be a win-win situation for you as you will be helping someone in their career and it will reflect positively on your network.

If you are a company then you can ask your customers to give you recommendations and or feedback and you can add them to your profile which will build your authenticity.

The following is an example of testimonial post on LinkedIn showing how Interem, an international packers and movers company, shares testimonials. If you own a business, you can also post such content to boost brand perception among your LinkedIn followers.

Testimonial LinkedIn post of Interem
Interem’s Testimonial on LinkedIn

7. Personal Achievements

Beyond professional achievements, one of the best LinkedIn post ideas is to share personal milestones like for example you completed a marathon, or you wrote a book, or achieved a personal goal. It humanizes you and gives insights into your life and helps your network connect with you on a personal level.

One thing that should be kept in mind is not to share achievements that do not showcase who you are as a person, for example, you won a panipuri eating competition. Do not write about that. Share things which helped you grow as an individual. However, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professional so sharing a post on achievement would be improper on Linkedin. It is best to share your professional achievements on this platform, like completion of a certification. You can see the below image to know how personal achievement related LinkedIn post look like:

LinkedIn post to share about the completion of social media certification
Social Media Certifications Post on LinkedIn

8. Share Quick Tips and How-To Articles

One of the most searched enquiries on Google starts with how to. Offer bite-sized tips or “how-to” guides related to your area of expertise. These can be in the form of text posts or short videos. They provide value and establish you as a helpful resource. Additionally, this post can also rank on Google SERP if written well and optimised with proper primary and secondary keywords. 

Remember to offer proper steps if you are writing a how to article and do not make the steps unnecessarily long. Try to explain the process in an easy to understand manner.

At Das Writing Services, we share short but helpful how-to content and quick tips on our LinkedIn account in the carousel form.

quick tips and how to content related LinkedIn post of Das Writing Services
Quick Tips Content on LinkedIn

9. Share Inspirational Quotes

Share inspirational or motivational quotes that resonate with you and your industry. It is a simple way to uplift your network’s spirits and offer some positivity. They will not even take much time to create and can be an option when you are running out of LinkedIn post ideas. 

However it is also important to understand that sharing only motivational quotes on a regular basis will help you much, as they will not fetch you customers or opportunities. So only share them once in a  while.

quotation of Steve Jobs as LinkedIn post
Quotation on LinkedIn Post

10. Appreciate or Talk About Your Employees

Highlight the talented individuals on your team through a LinkedIn post. Share their achievements, experiences, or contributions to your company’s success. It fosters a sense of pride and community among your employees. They will feel like they are appreciated here and will work with their heart full.

You can also talk about any incentives that you gave your employees for their good work, this will let connections know that you care about the company as a whole and give importance to employee satisfaction. 

11. Promote Others’ Content 

Do not just focus on self-promotion; share posts related to your company or yourself only. Share articles, posts, or insights from others in your industry. It not only helps your connections gain visibility but also shows that you are engaged and generous in your network. 

Additionally, you can show people that you appreciate content that is helpful and knowledgeable and want to share it with maximum people.

You can see this type of post in almost all the business LinkedIn account. From the image below, you can see Ahrefs reposted an user’s post on LinkedIn.

promotion of other's content on LinkedIn
Promotion of Other’s Content

12. Post About Holidays and Special Occasions 

One of the most common LinkedIn post ideas is to post about holidays, special occasions, or awareness months that are relevant to your industry or values. It shows that you are engaged in the world outside of work. 

It is not important that you have to write long form content for these kinds of posts but it will benefit you if you can give some insights regarding that holiday that is not known by many. This can make your post viral as it will be something new for the mass.

Here is our post on LinkedIn on the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day:

Quotes of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in the LinkedIn post on the occasion of Teacher's Day
LinkedIn Post on Teacher’s Day

13. Case Studies

Share real life case studies or success stories from your business or industry. These provide valuable insights and practical examples that your network can learn from.

You can see from the below example how Paytm has created a case study as a LinkedIn post to show its advancements as a leading fintech company in India.

Paytm's case study post on LinkedIn
Case Study of Paytm on LinkedIn

This is a great LinkedIn post idea when you want to tell your audience how to complete a task at hand which was seemingly difficult. Did you know other people can also take inspiration from your story and implement the techniques you used to solve their problems. In conclusion, your LinkedIn posts do not have to be complex. Simple, authentic, and engaging content is key to connecting with your network and positioning yourself as a valuable professional in your field. So, go ahead, try out these LinkedIn post ideas, and keep posting regularly so that you stay connected. If you think that this is too much of a task for you, you can contact a content writing agency who will assist you.